Not very many people know this about me but I love making clip art. I guess you could call it my guilty pleasure, because I felt like such a dork, being a grown woman who loves to doodle on her free time, I didn't even tell my husband! When he found out what I was secretly up to, he gave me a really weird look and said, "So, you're an artist now?" Bahahaha! Um, I wouldn't call it that. But whatever I'm doing, is fun! 

Since I love being creative so much, I thought I would share some clip art with you, or whoever loves to scrapbook (digital scrapbook), make invites, or cards as much as I do! I have some available in my little etsy shop which you can check out here, but once a week I'll make some fun free ones to share on our blog, just because, well, we all know when cute stuff is free, it's always more fun, and I guess I just really like you guys! wink, wink. 

Ok, ready? (Don't be too sad that it's not Halloween stuff. That will come, but come on guys it's barely September!)

Wreath's are so popular right now, but I can see why! There is so much you can do with it! Here are some ideas for you.

Here's the link to download the clip art! Have fun! 


  1. I love it!!! So cute!!! I want to make some too. What program do you use?

  2. OH man it won't let me get through the link...

    1. Really? It worked for me last night -Caitlin

  3. So, since my husband is a graphic designer, I NEVER attempted to touch Photoshop or InDesign...but now I'm over the Relief Society meetings each month (not my forte!) Last night I was able to create a quote with free fonts and a chalkboard background...simple and silly as that may seem to many of you, I was super excited. Yes!



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