Luke and his posse.  Faces have been hidden to protect the innocent.

This is the story of how I single-handedly ruined my 6 year old son's life by enrolling him in dance!!

Alright, so that's a minor major exaggeration.  He loves to dance, or as we call it, turn on Gangnam Style and do weird "hip hop" moves in front of the mirror.  At the beginning of the last school year I told him he could pick one sport.  When I gave him his options, it sounded something like this -

"Luke, you can choose soccer, basketball, karate (mumbled quietly because I can't stand karate), gymnastics, or... DANCE!!!!! Did you hear me?  You can do DANCE! You love to DANCE!!!"

If it sounds like I pushed him into this, I probably did. Everyone knows that the number one reason to have children is to live vicariously through them.  (Duh.)  I do love musicals/Just Dance and I never was a very good dancer. Between the dancing, piano lessons, and planned summer children's theater camp, Luke could be quite the triple threat, a real Hugh Jackman or Vanilla Ice if you will!

The most interesting part of Luke's foray into dance was the reaction it got from my friends.  When I asked why they didn't put their own sons in dance, the standard reaction was, "Oh, no, my husband would kill me!" (Lots of violent husbands, evidently motivated to kill by the thought of seeing their son in jazz shoes.) Then there was my friend who told me the cautionary tale of her brother's husband who was involved in dance also.  You can see where this was going.  No one flat out told me that they thought it was very gay for my son to be in dance lessons, but they sure as heck insinuated it was.

Despite my love of dance, I will admit that even I had my doubts that Luke should complete the year.  He was young, with not a lot of rhythm.  Those first few months were pretty painful to watch, but I decided to stick it out anyway. Then the recital rolled around and Luke actually did a really good job!  Plus. since only about 10 of the 200 dancers in the show were male, the boys were pretty much the center of attention.  The few teenage male dancers were doing flips and outrageous dance moves. I went backstage and they had girls hanging all over them!  Those male dancers weren't stupid.  They knew what was up.

Luke reminds me weekly, with no prodding, that he would like to do dance again next year.  That's fine by me.


  1. speechless....and the title...speechless again.

  2. Luke, it's okay now when you're only 6 to do this dancing thing but in a couple years you might want to try another sport like football, baseball or boxing.

  3. Uh...too pink for me, or for a male, IMHO. (He could take Scott and Barney's "How to Be a Man" class when he's older--it starts with football.) Actually, I saw a youth dance recital here recently and it looked like a lot of fun. The ratio of boys is higher, though.

  4. Bennett is in Gymnastics. I put him in football and all he did was flips and back handsprings across the field. They used him as a distraction for the other team. So who knows maybe he'll be joining Luke someday on the dance floor. Luke was a very good sport for wearing the pink though. I'm pretty sure that would have been a deal breaker for Bennett. Sorry for being that friend with the gay dancing brother in law.



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