I decided to title this post, "The Benefits of Being Married to an Italian Man", not because I am married to an Italian Man (I'm married to a Tongan Man--more on that later), but because I thought it might capture your attention. (Is it working?)

Caitlin phoned tonight to tell me she was at the grocery store buying ingredients to make this for her dinner.

Not too long ago I cooked at a birthday party for a cute little boy who was half Mexican and half Italian. The Mexican Mother told me she wanted to prepare one of the appetizers--something her Italian Husband enjoyed eating. She said she would spread marscapone cheese and fig butter onto bread sticks then wrap prosciutto around them. After she explained the recipe I tried really hard not to make a weird face. It just didn't sound all that appealing to me. Fortunately, she knew what she was talking about because those bread sticks were the first thing to be eaten up at the party.

To make these yummy things, CAREFULLY spread a little marscapone cheese and fig butter onto the bread stick then wrap a small piece of prosciutto around it. (Trust me when I say CAREFULLY because those bread sticks are fragile!)


You can conveniently buy these four ingredients from Fresh and Easy Market or Trader Joe's. If you can't find marscapone cheese or fig butter you can substitute with cream cheese and another type of jam such as raspberry or whatever you like. Simple as that!

(So besides all the yelling I guess it's not all that bad being married to an Italian Man...??)


  1. At first blush you're right, that sounds a bit weird, but I bet it's totally delicious! Definitely pinning this, I think my husband would love it! Thanks for sharing at my link party!

  2. That last sentence made me laugh out loud. I watch a lot of real housewives of NJ. Totally trying this!



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