There are so many good things about using a straw. For one, they keep your lipstick from smearing all over your face. (That would be a disaster.) Also, did you know that they actually help prevent tooth decay? And finally, straws are just pure fun; they make us all feel like kids again! (Yeah, see how important straws are!?)

Without further ado, here are some ideas and inspiration as to how to turn a regular and plain straw into a splendidly stylized straw.

Cut flags from pretty paper and glue or tape them onto straws. Fold strips of paper like an accordion, then punch a hole on the top and bottom and weave the straw in and out.

Cut images, pictures, and shapes from scrapbook paper and glue onto straws.

Use stickers to decorate.

Cut out shapes and animals with paper punchers.

Use stamps to monogram small pieces of paper.

Tie bows or knots around straws using ribbon, lace, or twine.

Hot glue small little items such as buttons, flowers or little toys.

Oh, did I mention Kate Middleton sips through a straw? (See, I told you straws are important.)


  1. You are so crafty Kaci! Always coming up with new stuff!

  2. These are a great idea; so clever! We are so glad you shared this idea with us on our link up party. We can't wait to see what you have been up to next week!

  3. So cute!! Will need to try this for my next party!



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