For almost seven years of marriage I have been a thrift store shopaholic. I have a very patient husband! But the reality is, I am saving SO much money by decorating with thrift store junk rather then buying ALL of my decor from home Goods. (Though I do really love Homegoods).

Here are my tips for shopping at the thrift store, specifically the Goodwill, since that's one that is by most everybody.

1. Always, ALWAYS bring a goodwill 20% off coupon with you. You can easily get one every month by signing up for their e-mailing list on their website. You can print as many as you like and use one all month long!

2.The goodwill has an everything in store 50% off sale every Saturday morning. My advice, AVOID THIS IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. Why? Because it's usally a mad house. I swear poeple just buy everything JUST because it's 50% off. Now if you do attempt to go on Saturday, Get there first thing in the morning and wait for the doors to open.

3. Shop in the morning on a Thursday or Friday. I've noticed that this is when they are putting everything out for the big Saturday Sale. You get first dibs on it all! And seriously, when clothes and decor are already cheap, and you also have a 20% off coupon, Do you really want to risk waiting till Saturday when everything will be gone anyways? Not worth it. I would pay a few extra dollars to get what I really want.

4. Clothes are never in the right spots. I have learned that when I'm looking for girl clothes, I can't find anything that is Emma's size, then I walk over to the "older girl" section and wallah! Sizes are all messed up there. Same with boys clothes and women's clothes. I once found a pair of  Like New women's Seven Jeans in the girl pant sections for only $7.

5. If you see something you like, but aren't sure if you want to buy it or not, PUT IT IN YOUR SHOPPING CART until you do. It will probably be gone when you walk back 10 minutes later.

6. Only buy stuff that will match your house, or that you already know what to do with it. I have made the mistake before of buying stuff just because it was cute or I liked it and then I end up donating it right back to the store because the reality was I never had anywhere to put it. I don't want my house turning into a Junker.

7. Set a budget. It is possible to get carried away in there. You start buying stuff just because its cheap. I like to bring cash and make a budget for myself each time I go. It makes it much more fun and more challenging to see all I can find for $20.


Pyrex baking dishes
vintage books 
ribbon/crafting stuff
cute dishes for your daughters play kitchen
girl skirts and jeans
boy shorts and jeans
picture frames, that you can paint and stick a new picture inside
plates and cute cups
Women's shoes especially heels
Blouses, jeans or skirts 
baskets; Do not go out and spend money on baskets! They have so many at the thrift store all for under $4!

I'm sure there are many more tips and I'll probably have to write a another post on this, but I hope these help, and everyone can start saving some money!

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