I had these grand ideas when my daughter was born about what her hair would look like.  Most importantly, she would never have a mushroom haircut.  Her hair would always be brushed.  Her hair would be well maintained and styled at all times.  In essence, something resembling this - 

However, the reality of the situation was more like this - 

It got so bad, that the nursery leaders at church weren't even being nice or tactful about it anymore.  "Her hair is in her ARMPITS!!!" they would irritably tell me.  It finally hit me last night: If I can't keep my own hair maintained, how am I supposed to maintain the long coif of an active 2 year old?


So, last night we reluctantly gave Amelia her first haircut.  It was a spontaneous tag team effort between Erik and I.  With the poor communication between Erik and I, a serious lack of haircutting skills, and a wiggly toddler, it was a real formula for disaster.

One last look before we butchered our daughter's hair -

It's been a day, and I'm still sad about it.  More angry, I guess, that we even tried to cut it ourselves.  What were we thinking?!?

This is me realizing I am giving my daughter a bad mushroom hair cut (as opposed to a good mushroom haircut), and that it is too late to turn back now.

I promise the bangs aren't as uneven as they look in the picture.  It's just the way she's standing or something. It reminds me of what I told my college roommate when I burned her hair with an iron.  "At least you have a pretty face. At least you have a pretty face."

Sorry, Amelia.  Please forgive us.


  1. Okay, so, I have to tell you something--I have been wanting to comment on every single post on this blog for AGES...but I keep making the mistake of checking it on my phone rather than on my laptop, and I hate leaving comments on my phone. It always autocorrects and makes me look like I can't type...which I can't, but that's another story.
    Anyways, long story short--I AM SO GLAD that you are blogging again! It makes me so happy to see that I have a friend who has crazy kids who are just a couple of years older than my crazy kids, and it gives me some kind of an idea of what my life might possibly be like in the next couple of years...after all, two boys and one girl, personalities thus far seem rather similar (although Steve and I are admittedly not nearly as cool as Erik and you are)...anywho, this blog brings much joy into my life.
    And I'm excited to get to know your awesome sisters better.
    That being said, Maggie is bald, which I found ironic, seeing as how she's my first girl, but reading this post makes me kind of happy that I don't have to worry about the hair thing for a while, at least. I tried a little pig tail the other day in the tiny amount of fuzz she has covering her head, and to say it did not go well would be an understatement.
    As for your adorable daughter's haircut, I think it is actually kind of cute. I actually had a mushroom cut at one point in my life (dark days, those), and she is waaaay cuter than I ever was back then, so I'd say you're okay. At the very worst, it'll grow out soon, and then you'll just have to cut it again.
    One more Geeking out moment--I'm so happy to have this blog to look forward to again!
    Okay, done with the creepy stalker-ish tendencies.

  2. Okay, so what do you mean "in her armpits"??? Like it goes through and into her shirt and coming out her armpits? Second, I think you just didn't think she looked like Trine enough. and Third, I like how you are wearing an apron to cut hair, cause we all know how dirty that is.

  3. I'm sorry there have been so many gross things in Amelia's hair. Those of us who don't have children miss all these things. I don't think anyone else (except maybe the nursery leaders) would think her hair has problems. I think the cut you gave her is darling and most people will think so. Give yourself and your parenting a break!

  4. I finally just cut my girls' hair 2 weeks ago too. I didn't cut bang cause here in humid Hawaii, that would be a nightmare! But Charlotte's I cut too short since she has curly hair. I thought I was cutting -3 inches off, ended up cutting 5-6 inches off. Good thing she had a LOT of hair. Anyways, I keep looking at both their haircuts and laughing because they are uneven. I think Ameila's hair looks cute, plus like my girls, she is little and hopefully no hair dresser will analyze. I am laughing as I visualize the two of you cutting her hair with your "poor communication." When Haans say Charlotte's hair, he couldn't believe I cut off that much! :-)

  5. Bad. Idea. - I'm still holding out - marshmallows, peanut butter, jelly - to heck with it all... we frequently smash it all into a bun and wrap a rubber band around it so we don't have to comb through it...
    Thankfully hair will grow - hopefully before kindergarten photos etc... lest she be labled :) who's hair did you burn with an iron? love your photos btw - very nice :)

    1. Megan - The roommate was Tara. Poor Miss Institute. I was ironing her hair on an ironing board for a 60's dance. Bad idea. It came out in clumps!



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