If there's one thing I've learned from doing parties (besides NOT to tell yourself that YOU, alone, have to make every single dessert from scratch), it's that details really do count. It's all the little details that make your party feel special--and even more so--are what make the person you are honoring feel special.

Here's a simple way to dazzle up your party cups. You can use this idea for any kind of glass--mason jars, goblets, or even just plastic cups.

Start off by finding 2 very flat plates. The center of the plate just needs to be slightly larger than the rim of the cup you are decorating. On the first plate you will pour your corn syrup. On the second plate you will pour something else. (Preferably some type of edible something else.)

Here are some ideas of what you can dip your cup into after you've dipped it into the corn syrup. If you aren't sure what to use, think about the theme and colors of your party, and the ingredients of the beverage you are serving. The possibilities are endless.

The great thing about this concept is that it's something that can be done weeks ahead of time. (With the exception of the lemon zest which needs to be done right before hand or it dries up and looks kinda yucky.) If you are going to do them far in advance, however, I do suggest covering them with something like a large clean plastic garbage bag. This will keep them clean and free of dust until you are ready to use them at your party.


  1. I think these look pretty, but I'm always really self-conscious about getting the stuff on the rim all over my mouth. Not so pretty when that happens.

  2. Hmmm. I think that's why they invented straws.

  3. BTW. Sad that we are the ones commenting when it's our own blog.

  4. You guys make me laugh!! I'll have pity on you guys and comment! :-) I do read your blog just don't comment! Kaci, these do look really pretty!!



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