So there's this embarrassing video of me in high school singing to my husband (or back then, my friends older brother) for his birthday. Oh and lucky you guys, I just happened to remember that it is posted on You Tube, agggghh. So if you would like to watch my 17 year old self , you can watch it here. Better watch it while it lasts folks, because I will be making my husband take it off  You Tube tomorrow. :)

Anyways, now that you see me in a different light, lets move on. 
So school just started, and it was a REALLY big deal in our house. I mean HUGE! 
My oldest son Jonah, started kindergarten on Monday. Tears. On top of that, Emma, our three year old, started pre-school! Two kids in school already? Say what!? Oh time sure flies!!! I digress. 

So, the other day as we were driving along, Jonah randomly says to me, 
"Mommy, I wish you were funny like you used to be."
"Excuse me?? What do you mean used to be? You don't think I'm funny!?"
 (Because we all know I'm so so funny.)
"No Mommy. Remember that movie you made for daddy before you were married and you put whip cream on your face? I wish we could do that. I reeeeaaaaaallly want to squirt whip cream on MY face!"

So, what's a mom to do? 
After all isn't it my job to make all my children's dreams come true? 
So we threw an impromptu "School Rocks" party and it all happened. 

Of course Emma didn't want to go through the same torture but she did love sticking her finger in the gross whip cream on Jonah's lap and licking it. 
mmmmm. yum. 

Jonah with Aunt Kaci. 

He was pretty famous after that. 
Everyone wanted a picture with Mr. Cream Face! Totally doing this again for his birthday party this year. Totally. 
Just to ease the stomach pain some of you may be experiencing after all those yummy pics, I'll end with a more appetizing shot of whip cream I took from that night. Yum, I would highly recommend squirting it on your banana split and not your face. 
I love you Jonah, I hope having whip cream smeared on  your face was everything you had hoped it would be and more. 

Here's to a great year! 


  1. Wow... that video... I don't know what to say. That's interesting. Why aren't you funny like that anymore?

  2. everytime I try to see the video it takes me to the stupid protection thing salesi installed. Man I really hate that thing. I mean come on

  3. Hi. I really like the style of your photos. Was just wondering what kind of camera or filter you're using to create the effect. Love the new set-up of the blog, btw!

    1. Hi!Thanks! My camera is a Nikon D3100 and I use lightroom to edit all my pics. My photo filters are also all available on etsy. (etsy link on blog) -Caitlin



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