Hello?  Is anybody out there???

             I've decided to start blogging again. We'll see how this goes. You'll have to bear with me. 
             My life is a little busier now than it used to be, but that should mean better stories to tell.

            The good news is that two of my sisters will be joining me on the blog! 
            The bad news is that I won't  be able  to rip on them anymore because they'll actually be 
            able to really retaliate now.  Oh snap!

              Let me introduce them to you - 

              First, there's Caitlin, the baby of our family.
              One of the nicest, sweetest, and most giving people you will ever meet.
              A talented photographer.  Web page designer. Home decorator extraordinaire.
              Beautiful girl.

              Kaci is the talented one.  Professional party planner, professional chef, composer of
              beautiful  music and nanny to the rich and famous.  Maybe her vast knowledge will 
              finally give this blog some credibility. Maybe.

              Then there's me... but you know me...

             Here's to new beginnings!


  1. You're just a little more busy? I would think it would be a lot, tons more! I read Caitlin post about thrift store shopping but now it doesn't appear to be there. Got a notice of a movie review & a book review by you but can't find that either. So, you're back, but you keep disappearing? Good luck!

  2. This popped up on my feedly the other day and I was going to email you to check in...looks like I don't have to...the color run photo is ahhhhsome btw



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