There are 2 types of people in this world.  The superior Bosch owners and the inferior Kitchen Aid owners.  (Can you guess which one I am?)

I always respond with the same question when someone tells me they own a Kitchen Aid, "Is it red?  I bet it's red!"  They usually get excited, "Why yes, it is red!"  Yeah, I thought I so.  That's the only reason to buy that silly thing - because it's pretty.  You see, I buy my kitchen appliances based on quality, not appearance.  The Bosch may not be shiny and colorful, but it sure is powerful.

For example, this morning I made FOUR large loaves of whole wheat bread in this bowl.  Impressed?  So am I.

All hail the mighty Bosch!


  1. I am on your team here, Cristin. You forgot to mention how much easier it is to use too. You don't have the big heavy motor to lift up and down and down. It is so much easier to add ingredients and watch it.

    Your bread looks delicious! May I have your recipe?

  2. Nope. Mine's silver. ;)

    Admittedly, the smallest KitchenAid can't handle bread dough. I have made dough several times no problem in my KitchenAid. There is something to be said about aesthetics, though, when it has to sit out in the open all the time.

  3. I have a Sunbeam. What does that make me? And it isn't red.

  4. I have a gorgeous RED kitchen aid that I have had for 12 years. LOVE IT and a little snobby about it. Ha!

  5. I completely agree! Sadly I don't own either, but when I can it definetely will be a bosch!

  6. So. . . what you're saying is that I'll never be as good as you are. ;) Except that my Kitchen Aid is WHITE can make applesauce, grind meat, slice vegetables, and blends into the scenery in my kitchen.

    I do wish I had a Bosch, too. I want both.



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