Meet Miss Amelia.  She is 8 months and 1 week old and all day long she keeps crawling to the middle of the room and standing up all on her own.  

Each time that she does it I hold my breath (that's a lot of breath holding today) and wait for her to walk.  She looks like she wants to walk.  My other kids never did this before they had teeth.   People keep saying she needs to keep up with her brothers.  So true, so true.


  1. Eight months? Yikes! Good luck. Also, she's completely adorable, but you probably already know that.

  2. She is so stinkin' cute! I feel like I don't really know her at all--when are you going to be here?
    Josh walked at 8 months. It was absolutely incredible, but also just so freakish to see such a little kid walking. He walked, ran, rode a bike, etc faster than any kid I've seen. He clearly wanted to physically keep up with Jacob, and although 19 months younger, did most things about 2-3 months after Jacob did. (but don't ask me about his communication skills--clearly he didn't think he needed to communicate!) Also very competitive... Like you need more of that!

  3. Oh, Cristin. She is so adorable!

  4. That was Cordelia. She started walking the day she turned 9 months. Freddie will be 9 months tomorrow and he's just barely crawling. Just fine with me!

    She's so cute! With Luke and Charlie around, no wonder she's got to keep up!

    I hope I get to meet her when we are in CA in a couple weeks. :)

  5. Wow! She is so cute! That's so crazy she's already standing up!



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