Erik recently finished a 30 day juice fast.  Why?  Because he is crazy, that's why.  Well, that, and he also was inspired watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on Netflix.  I would have totally done it too if I wasn't breastfeeding.  Too bad for me.   I didn't want Erik to feel like he was alone in his quest to eat better, so I set a goal of only eating ice cream every other day instead of every day throughout the duration of his fast.  (I didn't succeed.)

This is how it worked.  Every few days Erik would make me a list and then I would go to the grocery store and spend way too much money on fruits and vegetables.  Then he would put them into the Breville Juicer we borrowed from my sister, Kaci, and make various juices to drink all day.  Below is a picture of my actual shopping cart during one of said shopping trips.  Did I mention that fresh produce is expensive??  Then when he got too lazy to make juice (and can you blame him?) he would drink Naked Juice.  (Also expensive.)  Yet, as my Dad would say, "Can you really put a price on good health?"  My answer is, "Yes, roughly $20 a day."

First I will tell you the good things about the juice fast.  He lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time.  28 pounds in 30 days to be exact.  We both ended up eating a lot more fruits and vegetables.  We are big red meat eaters, and I only made red meat one time during the whole month.  Now the bad - it was like living with a 15 year old girl!  So many mood swings.  Some days he had a ton of energy and other days he would fall asleep 15 minutes after coming home from work.  I was grateful when he finally stopped.  I was worried he was becoming manorexic.

I really do like eating dinner as family again.  Our new goal is red meat only once a week.  So far, so good.  I think we eat pretty healthy, but we can always improve.  I'm trying to do a lot more vegetable based meals and avoiding processed foods all together.

Now that Erik is off the juice fast, the most common question I get is, "What were his first bites of food like?" I was actually really worried about that.  You hear about these starving people who die from overeating. Don't worry about Erik.  This was him once he started eating again. A candy coma on Halloween night - 

We have also decided that we are watching no more documentaries for awhile.  We are too easily influenced!


  1. totally laughing my head off right now! I love that you were "excused" from the fast.

  2. LOL!!! I watch those documentaries, too, and then eat healthy for like. . . a day.

  3. Yeah, too funny. I can't believe he ate all that candy.. well I guess I can. I really wish you posted before and after pictures to see all the weight he lost. Hope hes keeping it off, for the most part.. and BRING ME BACK MY JUICER SO I CAN USE IT!

  4. Holy willpower! I wouldn't make it more than a day on a diet like that. I know. I've tried. I guess I'd rather be fat. There are worse things- like trying to live on only things that can be juiced. I'm impressed he did it and that you didn't kill him in the process. He probably failed to take THAT heath risk into consideration before starting! LOL!

  5. omg dan and i are cracking up right now. we totally did the same thing after watching the same documentary. About a week after we started i found out that i was pregnant and after about a day dan also turned into a 15 year old girl. it was the hardest day of dan's life. so it was important for us to stop. totally changed the way we see food and how we prepare meals for our family. lol we loved seeing eric in his candy coma and hey! way to go cutting back on the ice cream for a few days...idk if i could do that! miss you guys, i still need to send amelia's tutu! what size is she now? and what color do you want??

  6. Not to be creepy, but I've been blog stalking you for like a year... Possibly more haha. I figured I should stop creeping around and just comment. You're hilarious and I love your honesty. My husband and I have a few friends who have tried this fast for the same reason (Netflix documentaries are dangerous for sure!). I love your take on the whole thing. If I tried to fast on juice... I think I would die of hunger!

  7. Trying to catch up on reading friends' blogs. I was reading this when Jamie came in the room, saw the picture of Erik with the Mug-o-green and asked, "is he eating poison?" I wasn't sure what to answer.



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