Amelia in Maui in July.  
This blog post is made possible by Amelia sucking on a pacifier.  That's right.  She took one, really took one, for the first time yesterday.  It only took 6 months of shoving it into her mouth.  Up until yesterday she was still gnawing on it and then throwing it at me.  She has turned out to be a much harder baby than my other two kids.  So, this pacifier thing is monumental.

True story:  When Luke was a baby, he took a pacifier.  Five minutes before a La Leche League meeting, I pried it out of his mouth while we were sitting in the parking lot.  I preferred to have my baby scream than to admit that I was giving him a pacifier.  Awful, huh?  I don't know where this pressure comes from.  I shouldn't want her to take a pacifier.  The guilt is setting in.  I am a home birthin', co-sleepin', attachment parentin' parent.  Say pacifier around my La Leche League friends and I might as well be screaming obscenities.  However, reality is that I can't walk around with a baby stuck to my boob all the time.  I've tried.  People look at me funny and frankly, it hurts to have a baby suck that much. 

Don't worry, I'm still nursing her like 1,000 times a day. *sigh*


  1. ps-how come I'm not listed under your family, are you embarassed of me?

  2. I wanted my kids to take a pacifier. Neither of the girls would take them. Freddie likes to chew on them and will occasionally suck on one.

    Don't worry, I don't think it ruins your crunchy mom cred. ;)

  3. THIS is the post you come back to life with??!!@ :) HA!

  4. How cute is Ameilia?? Wow! Anyway, nice to see you back. Can't wait to hear all your awesome stories.

  5. There are WAY worse things in life than giving your kid a pacifier! Don't sweat it. I breastfeed my kids and they were addicted to the suck and like you said, you just can't have a baby sucking on you all day long, it just doesn't work. My kids took to the paci and it seriously saved my life and my sanity! And they certainly didn't have any nipple confusion or anything, they still ate like champs. Some kids just love to suck more than others. My kids are fine and yours will be too. No guilt! Embrace the paci!

  6. This is my 3rd child. The first two, i followed the rules. How dare I think about messing up my milk supply or confuse them and have latch issues blah blah blah.
    Then you stand in a line of people at walmart with a screaming child. A cart full of neccessities, half frozen/fridge items. A screaming child who will only be quieted by a boob. You look around and see other children happily content with their pacifiers and you are jealous. I am jealous. SO when my third child came out I said pacifier please, now! Low and behold, nothing changed, nursing is perfect and now I have this nifty little gadget that I can pop into her mouth when popping a boob into her mouth is not acceptable/convenient etc. Embrace the pacifier!

  7. That is one cute kid. He reminds me of my own. I love your article. I hope you love my blog at www.thecribhub.com where we have a great crib sale.

  8. So glad to hear from you again! I nursed my kids somewhere about 1000x a day as well. Oy. I tried and tried but not a one ever took the pacifier. The best is when they gag like you are choking them. I can't say I tried for 6 months though. You are one persistent lady. I say you go mama!



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