To blog or to shower?  That is the question.

No, really, that IS the question.

This past month and whatever has been psychotic.  About a week after Amelia was born our landlords called to tell us that they needed to move back into their home by May 10th.  Moving with a newborn?  [cue me crying]  We started searching immediately for a new rental, but after a few days of looking at rentals, we started feeling sick to our stomach knowing that it would be cheaper to buy.  So, us, the eternal renters, went out and found a house.  Nothing fancy, just practical and affordable.  The only problem was that there was a 9 day gap between the time we had to move out of the rental and when escrow would close on the new home.  [cue more crying from me]  So we came up with a plan.  I would take the kids to go stay with family and Erik would house sit for someone from church.  Our stuff went into a hangar down at the airport.

I'm happy to say that the plan seems to be working.  Everything looks like it is on course for the house to close on time.  It hasn't been an easy two weeks away from home, but I am grateful for family that has been so willing to help me out with the kids.  My kids don't do well with traveling.  Amelia doesn't really sleep.  Charlie is still in diapers.  Luke doesn't have any patience.  However, I love them all the same.  Isn't it strange that it is so hard, yet I am still very happy to be their mom?

Unfortunately, this brief 10 minutes I had to blog is now over.  Amelia is awake and demands to be held.  I'm not stopping blogging all together, just taking a short hiatus while my family demands some extra attention.  It's really a shame I can't blog with one hand while nursing.  I guess I'm just not coordinated enough.


  1. You can blog - peck away with one hand - come on!! you can do it!! :) he he he...
    Glad to see you're surviving - deep breaths.

  2. Wow, life is nuts sometimes! I'm glad to hear that all is (mostly) well with you guys. I was thinking about you since I hadn't seen a post in a while from you. Good luck with all the transitions!

  3. Wow. You are a superhero. I moved when Jack was a month old, and THAT was stressful--I can't imagine trying to do it with THREE.
    And about the showering thing: someone told me after I had a baby, "When you go someplace with wet hair before you have kids, people think, 'oh...she must have been in a rush.' When you go places with wet hair after you have kids, people think, 'Wow! She had time to get a shower today! That's awesome!'"
    It's sad, but true.
    I'm grateful to know your reasons for the blogging hiatus, but know that I will be here, ready and eager to read what it is you have to say about being the mommy of three once things settle down again.
    Good luck!

  4. Im glad you found the 10 mins to blog. Sounds like you are hanging in there for some very tough times!
    Good luck with the move (into the new house) and with being a mum to 3. Gorgeous pic too :-)

    Ps I am a lurker with a private blog but if you do get 5 mins spare in the next 2 yaers - I can send you an invite lol.

  5. First, beautiful picture! Second, good for you for choosing showering and (hopefully) sanity over updating your blog. But I am anxious for your return. Third, congratulations on buying a house! I am appropriately jealous and may have to borrow your phrase "eternal renters" to describe us.

    I'm glad that, despite the craziness of everything you have going on right now, you still love being a mom to your kids. I think that's a mark of success.

  6. You are great person. I hope you continue to be happy inspite of all the stress.

  7. Snuggling in a comfy chair with a pile of wiggly littles is a great place to be!

    Congrats on the new house!

  8. We do have the cutest kids, your not too bad either :o)

  9. You are doing awesome Cristin! We are proud of you and Erik and thankful for the wonderful family you are with beautiful children and all!

  10. Wow. Glad I'm not in your shoes at the moment. :) Can't wait to read more though! Thanks for the update.

  11. Well, congrats on the new house! And it IS a good time to buy, for sure!

  12. uhh This was months ago... but where are you NOW!??



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