I'm trying to act like I'm totally cool with being 41 weeks and a day pregnant, but the honest truth is that I kind of feel like crawling under my covers and not getting out of bed until this baby comes.  I'm tired of people saying, "What, you haven't had the baby yet!?" when they see me and then proceeding to give me all sorts of advice on how to induce labor.  I know everyone means well, but I feel like my body is failing me because I haven't gone into labor yet on my own.  I know that, for right now, it's actually a blessing, but if I make it to 42 weeks next Wednesday, I think I'm going to drive myself to the hospital and force them to cut this baby out of me.

So... Wednesday was my non-stress test at my doctor's office in Palmcaster (that's what we call Lancaster and Palmdale).   It was kind of fun.  They gave me a Capri-Sun to "get the baby moving" and magazines to read while I was hooked up to a machine to monitor the baby's heart and any contractions.  Supposedly this was going to take 20 minutes, but it ended up lasting 2 hours since the baby wouldn't stop moving.  I figured that after a while they would just call it good, since the baby was obviously doing well, but they were pretty adamant that they get a good reading.  I also had over 20 contractions while laying there.  Nothing consistent and they were pretty painless, but the nurses got a good laugh out of how I didn't even react although the machine indicated that they were pretty strong.

This part at the doctor's office turned out to be the non-stressful part of my day.  On the way home. I decided to stop at Trader Joe's for lunch and groceries.  Bad move.  I got out of the store and the car wouldn't start.  At first I thought that maybe I forgot how to drive and then I thought that someone did to my car the same thing that the nuns did to the Nazis' car at the end of my all time favorite movie, The Sound of Music - 

I called Erik, who told me that it was a good thing I was so pregnant or he probably wouldn't have left work to come help me.  (60-40, honey.)  He immediately told me that it would be impossible for anyone to do what the nuns did in The Sound of Music to our car, since diesels don't have the parts that the nuns removed.  So, with that theory busted, Erik got to work trying to figure out what made the car suddenly stop working.  He tried jumping it, removing the battery completely, and then surfed the internet forums on the iPhone for at least an hour.

At one point he realized that the jumper cables were broken, so we walked across the street to Target (we didn't want to lose his parking space) to get new ones.  I even waddled/ran across the street because we jay-walked.  (Don't you judge us.)  In a weird way, it kind of felt like we were on a date since the kids were at home.  We took pictures of each other walking down the streets of Palmcaster, just like we did when we were in Mexico.  Really romantic.

At the end, we decided to just shell out the big bucks and have the car towed home.  This was hard for us, because we hate spending money, but we really didn't have much of a choice.

The best part of the whole story is that when we finally made it home at 7:00 p.m., Erik tried to start the car again and it WORKED!!!  I'm not joking.  Then, he turned it off, started it again and it didn't work.  So obviously it has an intermittent problem.  Erik thinks it is the starter. Why it couldn't go on when we were trying to get it to work for over 4 hours makes no sense. On the bright side, the day was lousy, but we were able to spend some good quality time together, eat lots of food from Trader Joe's and I didn't have a baby while I was stranded by myself in the parking lot.  Win-win-win.


  1. What, you haven't had the baby yet!?

    I'm glad you didn't go into labor at Trader Joes! I hope everything goes well for you with the delivery. I'm sure the baby is waiting for the weekend so Erik doesn't have to miss work. She is such a good baby already.

  2. On my due date with Linus (in January, in well below freezing Kansas) my car battery died. Luckily he was late. And we were AAA members.

  3. Mom kept saying she wanted someone to go with you incasee you went into labor or broke down. So I thought she was joking when she said u actually did. Isn't it so funny what we consider dates now? A couple weeks ago Kathy said she would watch the kids if I wanted to drive around with Zach while he sold cell phones. I definitely did!!

  4. I'm sorry your baby doesn't want to come out (although hopefully it came by the time I'm writing this comment). Jack was 10 days late, and it wouldn't have actually been that bad had it not been for EVERYONE else and all of their advice/comments on "Wow! You're huge and you look miserable!"
    That being said, I'm glad it was such a win-win-win situation for you and Erik to have a "date" before you have one more little one to take care of! Good luck. :)



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