Well, we did it.  We took the big leap.  Made the big purchase.  Finally entered the '80's.  After not owning a microwave for nearly 10 years of marriage, we bought one a few weeks ago.    I know.  Ca-ray-zay.

Now, when I say "not owning one," this needs to explained.  The last home we rented actually came with a microwave, so we did have one for about two years.  Although, when I reminded Erik of this, he didn't remember having one at all.  That is because it was such a waste of an appliance for us.  We've lived very nicely without one for a very long time.  It has just been recently that I thought maybe Erik might like one to re-heat leftovers when he works late, and maybe I could use it to melt butter in too.

The buying of it was pretty anti-climactic.  My friend was getting a new one, I said how much do you want for your old one, she said, $20, and it was mine.  When I told her we had never owned one before, she immediately said, "What, how do you eat corn dogs!?"  She was serious too.  So, I think today I will address many of the questions and comments we've received during the course of our no microwave marriage.

1.  How do you eat corn dogs?

I don't.  There was that one time that Erik bought them for the kids, but he put them in the oven.  Besides corn dogs are gross.

2.  How do you eat popcorn?

Air popper.  It tastes better too than that lame-o microwavable stuff.

3.  How do you boil water?

It's called a tea kettle.  Works really fast.

4.  This Tupperware is awesome!  It allows you to cook eggs in the microwave in just minutes!

Ever tried a pan on a stove?  It also allows you to cook eggs in minutes too!

5.  How do you eat leftovers?

It does take awhile.  I don't really like leftovers, so it's not that big of an issue for me.  I heat them up in the oven or in a pot on the stove.

6.  How do your kids eat?

With forks and spoons. Charlie still tends to use his hands quite a bit.  Seriously, though, I don't get what owning a microwave has to do with feeding your children.

7.  How do you survive?!?!!!!!!

Very nicely, thank you.  We've had the microwave for a few weeks and hardly used it.  Every time we do use it, we feel like cavemen.  It's so foreign to us.  We're not really sure what buttons to push, so we just keep hitting stuff until it goes on.  Then we move as far away from it as possible as to avoid looking directly into it's devil light and being blinded forever.

8.  Why are you anti-microwave?

I'm not anti-microwave.  I just think food tastes better when it's not cooked in a microwave.  That's it.  Maybe it's all in my head, but I don't care.

Oh and just in case you thought to have missed something.  NO, I have not had the baby yet.  YES, I'm over a week past my due date now.


  1. I think I would like to use my microwave less. I totally agree that food tastes so much better not made in the microwave.

    Sorry about the overdue-ness...I totally can commiserate. Good luck with the waiting game. I can't wait to hear how well everything went :)

  2. Finally I can share my microwave meatloaf recipe with you! :) NO...I'm not kidding and YES..my children beg me to make it :)

  3. I get cooking food in other ways. I think I cook a lot "from scratch" although when the husband and the kids shop without me, they have at times returned with corndogs. But I BAKE them. I use the microwave a ton for reheating leftovers, softening (not melting) butter, steaming veggies, etc. I guess I could get by without it, but it's a huge convenience and it's quick.

  4. Oh, and I almost texted you today from the Air and Space Museum to find out which thing Erik's company made, but I worried that you'd be in your birthing tub, and that would be gross. Good luck.



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