One of the most exciting things about raising children, is that it gives you the perfect opportunity (or excuse) to brainwash someone.  Don't tell me we haven't all fantasized about brainwashing someone at some point in our lives!  For some people, they might dream about brainwashing their kids to believe in a certain religion or political movement. Long before my kids came along, I decided that I was going to brainwash them to love musicals!  My original plan was to buy pretty much every good musical that ever existed (sorry, no Paint Your Wagon) and force my kids to watch them until they loved them as much as me.  Then, before I knew it, I had two boys close in age and my dreams of forcing The Sound of Music and West Side Story down their throats was lost somewhere between Transformers and Thomas the Stupid Tank Engine.

I'm learning now, that Erik had his own fantasies of brainwashing our children and the total indoctrination appears to be complete.  Any guess what Erik is into?

If you guessed, Spaceballs, you are wrong.  Earlier this month when we were all deathly ill at some point, Erik borrowed all six Star Wars movies and now it is a ritual that he watches one of them with the kids every Friday night.  (All of them except Episode 3, I won't let him show them that one yet.  Although Luke did whisper in my ear today that Anakin turns into Darth Vader in that one.  Sorry, spoiler alert for the two of you who have never seen the movies.)

The kids are obsessed.  I'm irritated.  Star Wars is for nerds.  (While musicals are obviously for cool people.)  My nerdy family now walks around all day quoting Star Wars and having light saber fights.  I just roll my eyes.  I tried to sit through The Return of the Jedi the other night, as I have never seen it, and stopped watching after about 20 minutes.  You know it's bad when I'm staring at the timer on the DVD player, wondering when the movie will be over.  Oh well.  More time for me to lie on my bed and play Angry Birds I guess.

The kids thought it was super cool when Erik learned this trick for making your light saber light up in pictures.  (Hint:  It's a colored pencil held really close to the camera.)

The other night, while I was doing dishes, Erik mentioned that we should take some pregnancy pictures before this baby comes. Since I live in a house full of nerds, I jokingly said, "Can we just do a light saber pose and call it good?"  He thought that would be awesome!

So there we have it.  38 weeks pregnant, doing the dishes and holding a fake light saber (colored pencil). How nerdy is that?


  1. oh totally awesome...gonna have to find some light sabers that aren't broken! Maybe Ella will let you borrow her Darth Vader helmet :)

  2. This makes me laugh really hard...however, I feel your pain. I cant stand these movies either and within the last week or so, Spencer has gotten Ryan to love them. Heaven help us!

  3. You are looking great, Cristin. . . no really! Your husband is hilarious. . . and so are you. And thanks for the fun new trick to show my 4.5 year old!

  4. Hilarious! Hopefully you can take a "girly" belly shot picture before your daughter comes so she doesn't think her Mom is a nerd too! :)

  5. I have postponed the Star Wars viewing as long as possible. Isaac is obsessed! Funny thing is, his sisters have enjoyed them too. We've only watched 1and 2, not letting him watch 3 either. He knows though. Have our boys been talking to each other? You, my friend, look great! Best maternity photos, E.V.E.R. I love the gloves...my favorite part of that shot. Xoxo

  6. My niece & her husband are both so into Star Wars and were surprised when their oldest son became so obsessed with it as a 2 year old child they had to refuse to let him watch it more than once a day. I think he believed light sabers were real until he was at least 11. Now he is 14 and bitterly corrects his younger brother's fun with light sabers by saying "there's no such thing". Maybe you can share the musicals with your daughter! (And I do like the music from Paint Your Wagon but not the movie.)

  7. This is HILARIOUS! My son is 100% all Star Wars no thanks to my husband. He has four light sabors and has been gifted just about every Stars Wars figurine know to mankind and he is only 3! In fact this morning he wanted to have a light sabor fight while wearing his batman cape (another popular super hero in our house...but he will NEVER watch those movies!).

    BTW...you look AMAZING!

  8. That's awesome! Love the 'tip' about the light saber. I think we'll try that tomorrow and we don't even watch Star Wars!

    You look totally adorable pregnant too!

  9. I cracked up at the "musicals are for cool people" comment--Steve absolutely refuses to watch the Star Wars movies because he thinks they're for nerds...as he gets out his "Oklahoma" DVDs...but I digress. I have always wanted to brainwash my kids into loving musicals, as well--but I'm going to wait on that one till Jack is at least willing to sit for longer than 3 minutes through anything.
    And, if it's any consolation, I grew up loving Star Wars, thanks to my dad--and I, obviously, am the epitome of cool. So your boys will be okay. :)

  10. ...and I'm just curious. Tell the truth--is that why Erik let you name your first son Luke? :)



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