A few days after Christmas, my favorite mother-in-law called to ask us if we wanted to use a non-refundable resort stay that she had reserved down in Mazatlan, Mexico. She was so desperate for someone to use it that she even offered to watch our kids. (She's crazy like that.) The only catch was that the resort stay was slated to begin about 4 days from her phone call and we had to find a way down there. It seemed unreal. Someone will watch our kids and we get a vacation? How could we say no!?

The next thing I know, Erik and I are hopping on a bus down to Mexico! Here's a picture of the bus dropping us off in downtown Mazatlan. Fancy, huh?

Alright, just kidding, we flew there on an airplane, but that really is a picture to prove that we actually got off the beach and explored Mazatlan one day. In case you were wondering, yes, I was scared of getting kidnapped/my baby cut out of me/being decapitated in Mexico. I blame my paranoia on all those years of living right on the border. That's why we spent the majority of our time with all the other tourists in the fancy resort areas. The other reason being that our Spanish is limited to phrases like, "¿Qué hora es? " and "¿Cuántos años tienes tú?"

Our suite at the resort had a fully equipped kitchen. So, one day we took a pulmonia to Wal-mart to get groceries. Pulmonia is the spanish word for a supercharged golfcart that goes 60 miles per hour. Our driver was blasting Mexican techno music out of these large speakers positioned directly behind us while weaving in and out of traffic. It's just about the most exciting thing you can do when you are 7 months pregnant on vacation. If you couldn't tell, in this picture I am holding on for dear life while going around a corner.

Speaking of thrills, Erik went parasailing. A Mexican guy approached him on the beach by our resort. He was holding a worn out parachute and a rope from the hardware store. The guy pointed out his friend in a boat and told Erik that he would accept 35 American Dollars. No waivers, no sort of safety training, no real communication. In fact, Erik even landed and took off from a crowded beach. I think that for Erik, the sketchiness only made the experience more exciting.

Like I said, there is not a lot that a big pregnant lady can do on vacation. Which is why this was the perfect vacation. I wasn't expected to do anything. Besides sleeping 10 hours a day, we ate a lot too. If you're grossed out by fish, don't look at this picture. This was the best lobster I have ever eaten. I just thought you should know.

Then, when we got really bored, we took turns modeling our cheap sunglasses on the beach. Good times! I could have done this for hours!!

Despite the short notice, I am so glad that we took the opportunity to go on this trip. I can't remember the last time (if ever) that I have taken a vacation so relaxing. The whole trip was so fantastic, that it doesn't even seem like it really happened. I have to keep looking at a seashell on our bathroom counter to remind myself that I really was that relaxed last week. We have a very crazy, but blessed, life. I am grateful.


  1. So glad you got such an awesome getaway! And here I am THRILLED to be getting away to St. George overnight! I'm glad you got a little rest before the baby arrives and there IS no more rest!

  2. This makes us so happy! Wish we could do this for each couple in our family.....we'll have to take turns! You were the only ones who could afford the airfare and get off work on such short notice. And you DO have an awesome mother-in-law, Cristin:-) Thanks for trusting us with Charlie and Luke...it's good to make memories with our grandkids.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! Glad u didnt get sick from eating some bad food down there, and u don't look too sunburned either.

  4. Nice!! And you look amazing--I'm glad you didn't get kidnapped/your baby cut out of you/decapatated. That's a relief. :)



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