I haven't had time to blog lately because I am too busy vacuuming. No, seriously, the new Dyson came just in time for our first real Christmas tree in 4 years. I always said I would never have a fake one, but then we had the Harbor Freight Special and I got used to how easy it was. However, this year Erik insisted that we get a real one. We were going to make a special event out of it and cut one down at the tree farm down the street, but the prices at the Home Depot tree farm were just so much cheaper.

I don't want to brag, but I took this picture on my iPhone 4.
(I can't believe I have an iPhone.
Dreams really do come true.)

We didn't realize how big the tree was until we brought it home and tried to fit it into the house. Note to self: Next time don't get such a big tree. 10 points if you can spot Erik wrestling with it in our front yard.

Like I said, a real tree is definitely more work. I vacuum up a lot of needles. I need to remember to water it. It fell over onto the kids and I about 10 times before Erik stabilized it. Just minor things. No life threatening injuries... yet.

Honestly, though, I really like having a real tree. I love it. The smell is fantastic. To compare, here is that ridiculous fake Harbor Freight Tree from last year -

And the glorious real tree tonight -

I'm throwing away that Harbor Freight tree tomorrow.


  1. nice..I'm proud of you...all the Christmas spirit...One question...how does santa get out of the chimney???

  2. Luke asked the same question. My answer was that we will be that

    #1 - He is magical so it doesn't matter, and -

    #2 - It also doesn't matter because we'll be in Arizona for Christmas this year. Santa will drop off their presents on my parents' back porch because they don't have a chimney.

  3. I love real Christmas trees. But don't throw your fake one away, donate it, I am sure someone would appreciate it!

  4. I always loved real Christmas trees, but this post actually made me miss our real ones less--with how much Jack is in/on our tree, I'm glad we have a fake one. Much less messy/painful/sappy. :)

  5. That's ANOTHER thing I miss about living in AZ. We did real trees here the first three years we lived here, and each year, no matter how hard we tried, the trees were dead before we even slapped down the cash at the tree lot we bought it from. The live trees here are shipped from an Oregon tree farm, and they are just dead! The last year we had one, we were worried every day that it would catch fire, and that last year, Christmas morning, the tree was down and in the trash an hour after opening presents! It was fire kindling and a disaster waiting to happen! So we'd done fake ever since...and I MISS that fresh pine smell we had every year in Ventura! Happy for you that you get a real, full pine tree! It's BEAUTIFUL!



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