9 years ago today my college roommate and fiance convinced me to climb up on these rocks in my wedding dress for this picture. What was I thinking? That was CRAZY! I hate peer pressure.

Flash forward and we aren't exactly the "daredevils" we used to be. Here we are in 2010 in a less dramatic location (outside the Los Angeles Temple) -

It doesn't seem like we've been married for 9 years, but then I start looking at all our stuff. This is about the time when the wedding gifts break and I wish I would have kept all of those Mikasa platters I returned. Someone recently told me that her parents threw a party for their 10th anniversary and requested that people bring gifts. I thought it sounded pretty tacky, however, if anyone wants to start that trend, I welcome it. Just hurry up with making "10 year wedding showers" cool in time for me to have one next year. I have a lot of stuff to replace.

Speaking of replacing stuff, to celebrate our 9 year anniversary we are doing something crazy. (No, we're not buying a microwave. That would be nuts!!) We're buying our first fancy vacuum. I ordered it today and can't wait for it to arrive!

The only downside to celebrating with a vacuum is that this means we are officially boring and old. That's okay, I knew it would happen eventually.

Happy Anniversary to us! It's gonna suck! (Ha ha, that was a vacuum pun. Good one, eh?)


  1. happy anniversary I hope it sucks big time! I got a dyson a little bit ago and it sure is nice, but I got one thats kinda big and clunky- I wish it was easier to haul up and down the stairs.

  2. Happy Anniversary! And it's not the fact that you buy housewares to celebrate that makes you old, it's that you're so excited to buy housewares to celebrate that makes you old! LOL! I jest.

    You still look as young and beautiful as you did in the wedding picture. May you have many more 'happy anniversaries'.

  3. What a great family picture. And I think that Erik is really lucky to have such beautiful wife - even nine years later. :) Happy Anniversary!

  4. I LOVE that dramatic shot with the waves behind you...Erik's bare feet. A once in a lifetime shot, for sure. And I also love the fast forward to you and your beautiful boys! Great family!

  5. you forgot about the roommates mom and her baby...that is still one of my mothers favorite pictures!! and remember her obsession with the baby's breath?? :)
    ON to the great picture...I seriously think this is the best family picture I've seen yet!! LOVE the colors and the dress and the boys...adorable all of them...

    YOU BETTER NOT TRY TO USE THIS POST AS YOUR CHRISTMAS CARD! you promised real cards this year...go to vistaprint.com they'll probably even mail em for you :)

  6. Good morning. Well it was for me since I found your blog. You have an amazing family. I love the birthing chair post. I am newly married and trying to conceive. Happy 9 years hope there are many more. Oh and I love the gift you got- it does not make you boring just otherwise entertained.



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