Here is a picture of Shaker Village (woo hoo!) with my nieces.

Since returning home early Sunday morning from my week away in New Hampshire, I've spent the last few days slowly adjusting to being a Mom again. It's weird how quickly I got used to not cleaning, changing diapers or cooking meals. I had a great trip. New England was beautiful, although I have learned that looking at leaves is kind of an old person thing to do. (We ran into a lot of Blue Hairs.) Hey, I still had fun.

And Erik? He survived playing Mr. Mom for a week. Good thing I wasn't around though. I was going through the pictures on his phone from last week and the kids were definitely spoiled.

The first thing I noticed was the numerous pictures of Erik feeding the kids corn dogs. Really? Corn dogs? Gross. I have never fed the kids corn dogs in my entire life and I probably never will.

My first thought when I saw this was that Charlie died. Actually, Erik kept the kids up really late one night. The next day he found Charlie asleep in the middle of the day like this. Nice.

Ah, yes. The McDonald's pictures. I have discovered several new "happy meal" type toys since returning.

This was a good picture. He took the kids on an impromptu flight to Camarillo for dinner one night. They fell asleep in the back of the plane.

At first I thought Erik was changing Charlie's diaper in this picture, but then he explained that this is what he did with the kids so that he could use the bathroom at Winco. Uh, yeah, totally safe.

Don't worry, there is a picture of Erik changing Charlie's diaper too... in the trunk of our car!

In all seriousness though, I really couldn't have asked for a better gift than for Erik to take a week off to watch the kids. When he picked me up from the airport, he brought me food in a cooler, along with napkins and cutlery. He said, "I brought you some food. I'm all Mom'd out now!" Knowing how crazy his life is right now, it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.


  1. wow! I'm so glad you're back and you had such a great vacation! Those pictures are priceless too.

  2. Love it! So funny to see what Dads do when they are 'home alone'. But hey, everyone was fed, changed and happy so it's all good!

  3. I actually like corn dogs. Is that weird?
    And Erik deserves a gold medal. Looks like it was a really fun week for everyone involved!! (except maybe Erik...but now he'll appreciate what you do more, right?)

  4. and p.s. man I am SO happy that photo of the boys in the restroom ONLY has Luke's reflection- and NOT Eriks. Eeeww...

  5. Very impressive Erik. I find that changing diapers in the trunk of the car is the best place too.

  6. Corn dogs, or anything fun that they normally don't eat, will always be a hit when Dad's in charge. That's all good. And I love the bathroom photo. Why didn't I think of that! hahaha...

  7. I love this post! And I loved the "all mom'd out now!" So great!

  8. Welcome back! Glad everyone survived! You should have this type of "mother's week out" at least once a year! Seriously.

    Btw, very cute New England photo of you with your nieces-- you look so relaxed and pretty!

  9. We love New Hampshire! It looks like it's already getting cold over there. We went our first May of living here and they were just getting their leaves back on the trees (talk about a LONG winter)!! That's awesome that Erik took over for the week (LOVE all the pics- got a great laugh:)! Saw some of your fun on FB- looked like you had a blast!

    Oh, and congrats on baby #3!! :)



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