Tomorrow I will be traveling for around 13 hours. No, I'm not going to Europe. I just happened to buy a cheap plane ticket to the East Coast with a lot of layovers. It might sound excruciating to some, but I don't mind the travel time. That's because Erik has agreed to take a week off of work to watch the kids while I go visit my sister-in-law, Trine, and her family, in New Hampshire. (Don't worry, Erik's getting something out of this too. It's an even trade.)

Things I am looking forward to doing tomorrow:

Watching Me and Orson Welles on my portable DVD player.
Finishing reading The Unit.
Starting The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Doing crossword puzzles.
Reading the newspaper.
Eating dinner alone.
Taking a nap.
Walking aimlessly around airports with only myself to worry about.
Watching tv shows on my iPod.

Now that I've written this all out, maybe I should have added a few more layovers to my already outrageously long trip. I don't know if I'll have enough time to do everything I want.

Do I sound like I hate my family? I don't. I promise. I love them dearly and I know I will miss them. I also know that having 13 hours to myself is going to be AWESOME... even if it is while traveling.


  1. Let me know if you get through Me and Orson Wells. we didn't! you should download the game "I dig it" on your iphone. You will get SOOO much entertainment for .99 cents! just get the original- not the latest "expeditions" one or whatever. have fun on your trip!

  2. It was just really boring and anti-climatic. I fell asleep and Vak just turned it off.

  3. Enjoy! I often say that I *need* the opportunity to miss my family. You'll ALL be refreshed and ready to reconnect when you return. Enjoy airport security! LOL!

  4. Wow, that sounds a lot better than my last layover where I kept a two year old entertained by running with him up and down the moving sidewalks. Enjoy your alone time, I'm jealous Ü

  5. I'm jealous, too--I do, however, get to look forward to sitting in the car for 9 hours...with my husband and son. Sigh. Nope. Not the same at all.
    Tell me how you like the Potato Peelings Pie Society....I've heard it's actually quite fun!

  6. Wow Cristin, I generally HATE layovers-- I much prefer direct flights. However, you have enlightened me; that's a great way to spend some ALONE time!

  7. What, they don't have Internet in New Hampshire? Make with the "foreign correspondent" blog posts!



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