I'm not sure what to be angrier about. The fact that Luke is lying or that he is so painfully bad at it. Don't get me wrong, he is a great kid, most of the time. I'm just starting to get really irritated by how much he lies.

As I mentioned, the lying isn't even convincing. The other night he comes to me, his face covered in chocolate -

Me: What are you eating?

Luke: Nothing.

Me: Your face is covered in chocolate.

Luke: No it isn't.

Me: Stop lying and go wash your face.

You think that's bad? Try what happened last week -

Charlie: Luke bit my back!

Me: Luke, did you bite Charlie's back?

Luke: No! He bit his own back.

Me: Really? Can you bite your own back?

Luke: Yes. (Then he proceeds to try to bite his own back.)


I'm trying to stay positive, so I will tell you that at least I could laugh about the biting incident because Charlie was wearing such an ironic shirt. It said, "I don't bite, but he does." So true.


  1. luke looks so much like dad- it's weird.

    That's too funny about Charlies shirt!

  2. Awnan and I have had many talks about lying! He is now to the point where he will take a deep breath and say, "Okay....I am going to tell the truth." I think it's best I don't tell him that spies are suppose to be really good at lying.

  3. my kids are laughing as they read this over my shoulder :)

  4. my kids are laughing as they read this over my shoulder :)

  5. Haans and I laughed so hard. At least he is bad at lying (so far).

  6. That's pretty awesome.

    Maybe don't give him a chance to lie by asking the question in the first place. Supposed to be a pretty normal developmental stage (since a newly reasoning brain doesn't yet suspect that other people have better-reasoning brains).

    Keep it going for good entertainment though. You should get Charlie to bite Luke and take a video of it. I bet it'll go viral. You could even tag it as something like "Charlie Bit Me!" I bet you'd get millions of hits and with the advertising income you could buy all sorts of good stuff. Plus all the remakes, remixes, and auto-tunes of it. Go for it, and I'll expect a 5% cut for the idea.

  7. Just hope that his lack of ability to lie carries over into his teen years, that will definitely give you an advantage Ü
    Also, your boys are too cute!

  8. I know that I went through a lying phase like that...but I'm still not good at it, despite all of the practice I had as a kid. So maybe that's just a blessing for you!

  9. I think it's normal. Charlie did this a lot too. He'd have parmesan cheese all over his face and on his shoulders and chest (it's hard to eat parmesan right out of the can), and when I'd ask him about it he'd totally lie and said he wasn't eating anything.

  10. I am laughing so hard right now! I think Luke face says it all-- look at that defiance! Ahh, The Resistance. Your boys are so funny and cute.

    Love Christian Soldier's comment and idea! You should def have Chah-lee bite Luke and capture it on video-- hahahaha. It WILL go viral.



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