Luke's been taking more pictures. However, I will only post one because there is very little variety -

Almost every picture is of his shoes! Notice his signature move of putting his shoes on the wrong feet. Other people seem to care more than he or I do that he wears them this way.

Thanks to Skechers amazing marketing campaign, Luke is obsessed with his shoes. He sleeps with the shoe box every night, begs to take it to the park, and forces us to read the ridiculously bad comic that accompanied the shoes. Preschool starts next week and when I asked him what he wanted to bring on his first day, he said, "My shoes!" My response was, "You are a boy still, right?"

I found this picture of myself when I was the same age as Luke. I was as far from fashionable as possible. Notice the mushroom/bowl haircut and homemade green necklace worn over my red turtleneck. (Perhaps this was cool in 1982.) I definitely didn't know clothing brand names as a 4 year old. That's why it is so shocking to see Luke's infatuation with this brand of shoes. We don't even have television, so it's not like he's watching commercials! If this continues, I may need to consider starting a special savings account now to fund his clothing budget for when he gets older.


  1. Awh, cute! My boy was the same way at that age except it was 'Tech Deck' shoes and they came with a weird little plastic character.

    What a cutie. You should hang the box lid on the wall of his bedroom as 'art' so he can look at it without mangling it.

  2. This kid gets funnier and funnier!

  3. This post makes me feel better, because Jack is obsessed with shoes, too! He is always trying Steve's or mine on and walking around the house with them, and when we took him to a Payless for the first time a few weeks ago, he freaked out because I wouldn't let him wear all of the shoes he wanted to try on. He was, however, thrilled when I actually got some for him. So maybe our boys have more in common than I realized to begin with...
    Love the picture of you, by the way. I have one pretty much the same as that one, only it's from about 1995. Tragic.

  4. Wow! Sketchers must be making so much money off little boys like Luke! I think you should do a weekly special with just Luke's pictures.

  5. It's funny that you share this story because last week in the mail we got a Sketchers shoe ad with some vibrant pink and multi-colored Sketchers with little hearts for girls. Penny saw the advertisement and cut out the shoes and taped them to her bed and has been talking about them ever since. She's in love with these shoes and she doesn't even own them. I told her she can have some of those shoes when she starts kindergarten and now she keeps asking when she gets to go to kindergarten.

  6. Dominic used to shine the shiny silver S on the side of his sketchers when he was 4 and 5. I would find little wads of toilet paper around the house from him wiping them clean all the time. Sketchers know how to rope em in young I guess.

  7. You were super cool in 1982! What an adorable picture!



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