I am trying to be proactive (the adjective, not the acne treatment) about Halloween this year. This way if the kids want to be something weird, I will have weeks to find Ebay and thrift store deals to piece together their costumes.

Luke wants to be an In-n-Out employee. That's fine as long as it doesn't turn prophetic of what his life career will be. I found this one online and actually got excited about how easy it will be.

Next, I asked Charlie. Since he is 2, he screamed his answer at me -


What? Not only is that dorky, but he's going to have to wear a name tag for anyone to know what he is. I found this one online from the Pottery Barn for only $100 -

It's cute, but not $100 cute. I just checked Ebay and people are actually bidding $100 on this costume. Silly people. If I'm going to spend $100 on my child's costume it better be for something like Darth Vadar with a real light saber. Charlie wants Erik to be "ketchup and mustard" and me to be a hamburger. He laughed for a long time at himself.

Don't hate me, but I'm trying to talk my kids into being Woody and Buzz this year using borrowed costumes. I know it's generic, but I'm tired and it sounds easier than making a french fry costume out of yellow pool noodles.


  1. PLEASE PLEASE let Charlie be french fries!!!

    Not only do I think that will be super cute- In N out worker and French fries but I REALLY want to see how you're going to make them!

    Don't you own a sewing machine? Why don't you get some fabric and try to sew it?

  2. Here I found this for you:


    NO EXCUSES. You have 2 months to make it happen.

  3. cardboard box with an open top and legs cut in the bottom. suspenders attached to hold them on his shoulders. the pool noodle idea is genius... my friend's mom, when we were kids, just used pieces of foam and spray-painted them yellow. you totally have to do it!!!

  4. I'm trying to get my kids to decide what they'll be this year too. I am also a glutton for punishment who feels the need to make elaborate costumes for my kids. Good for you for starting in advance! I'll probably STILL be running around at the last minute trying to finish up!

  5. also- re-read your first and last paragraph of this blog. Are you the same person? What's wrong with you.

    And that's the end of my comments..

  6. Hahaha...I can tell I'm still in costume-making mode from Beauty and the Beast, because I saw that and thought, "Hmmmm...I totally know how I could make that!"

    Either way, I think your kids will get a lot of "Oh, how cute!"s and lots of candy, so you do whatever you want. :)

  7. Eli was an in-n-out worker a few years ago. I just had him wear a white shirt, cache pants (I didn't have white pants), got a free in-n-out hat and then tied a long sleeve red shirt around his waist for an apron-Boom!

  8. I like the french fry idea...original! I was going to have Ry be Buzz, but changed my mind when I realized EVERYONE is going to be Buzz with the movie coming out this year. I am also a fan of the home-made costumes as well...probably why I stress over how I am going to get Ryan's costume made each year. I blame my mother. But really, the whole family can do an In-N-Out themed Halloween...I love that idea!

  9. I love the in-n0out costume! And you know what? I'm with Charlie. I've been trying to convince my family for years now that one of us needs to be a hot dog, another ketchup and mustard, and the baby can be a pickle. Why won't they just let me have my way for once?! Jerks.

  10. Cristin, the bigger question is, what are YOU going to be for Halloween?



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