I know this post is like so 2007, but Luke discovered Yo Gabba Gabba last week and he is obsessed. I rented two DVD's containing episodes from Netflix for him and he watches one every single day.

I, on the other hand, want to poke my eye out with a stick.

The colors. The characters make me think some performer is suffocating or dying of heat stroke in their costumes. The songs stay in my head all day. I know you're thinking that I should just walk away. I can't. Watching Jack Black dance around in orange spandex is so strange that I can't help but watch it. The show is giving me a major headache, yet I keep coming back for more.

Something I've decided is that I can't stand this guy. His name is Brobee.

He's like that annoying kid who cries about everything and gets his feelings hurt way too easily. He really grates on my nerves any time I see him. Maybe they could have a "very special episode" where he dies? Just a suggestion.

Oh, and then there are the dancing interludes -

Do you see what I mean? So strange, I can't help but watch.


  1. Two comments: one is that the people that star in this are from my home stake (and their cousins). Sad. Two, one of the funniest slash weirdest things we've seen online was a you tube clip from this show. It was a Halloween clip with the rapper guy that does funny sounds. Man, I will have to find that clip for you.

  2. I refuse to let Jonah watch this show. I saw part of it once and swear there is subliminal messaging in it to children or something. It's creepy freaky weird.

  3. I'm too busy to do anything but read your post title. Are you pregnant?

  4. The Good News: at some point, your kids are too old for that stuff and you won't be stuck watching it anymore- that's where I'm at.

    The Bad News: Disney and Nickelodeon pre-teen shows are JUST as obnoxious with a laugh track you want to strangle.

  5. I'm laughing so hard because Penny just discovered that show this last month and LOVES it. We saw the party in my tummy and it was all so sensory overloaded for me. I couldn't believe it.

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  7. Very thankful I've never heard of this show. And I thought Barney was nerve-grinding! I will need to show Nathaniel this clip of his namesake:)

  8. The kids dancing I can take. It is the adults in the show that make me want to be sick. There is a woman in a shinny gold TIGHT fitting suit wiggling her behind. It took me weeks to get that sight out of my mind.

    I am a licensed day care provider. Sometimes when we have a day with a lot of rain we will watch some TV. Not much, I do not like these programs at all. If I have to listen to it I have to be able to stand it...sometimes it is very difficult.



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