Last week, Luke hit his head on the corner of a coffee table. There was blood everywhere. It made a pretty good hole in his head. I panicked and called Erik, "Come home right now! I might need to take Luke to get stitches!" He rushed home, looked at it, and calmly said, "Super glue."

I used to think using super glue on your body was pretty sketchy. The scar is hard to see in this picture, but 5 days later and it looks pretty good! I'm a believer. Really, who needs health insurance when we have super glue? I'm going to use it on everything now.*

*If you report me to CPS I'm going to claim this was a joke.


  1. I think this is what most accident & emergency centres do anyway... so relax you are practically a Dr.

  2. haha, my husband would have done the same thing! ; )

  3. Your blog is so refreshing. I've just spent 30 minutes hitting "mark as read" on all the boring sweet blogs in my google reader, and then I came to this and smiled. Finally.

  4. 文章是心情的反應~~祝妳天天寫的都是讓人開心的好文章哦!!............................................................

  5. Brilliant idea! Seriously. Question though: why wasn't he wearing The Helmet?

  6. Ever since I heard about doctors using superglue at hospitals I wondered if you could use it yourself at home--and now I know! I wondered too if it stings a lot when you put it into the cut?
    Great out-of-the-box-thinking on Erik's part.

  7. It's very unfortunate that Erik had such an accident. Good thing you acted quickly and applied glue to close his wound. It's actually a good move since closing the gaping wound right after cleaning it means that germs and bacteria are kept away. Thank you for sharing!

    Shannon Mcniel @ Instant CA



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