I finally went to the Urgent Care last night and guess what?! I have a cold. A really bad cold. Evidently, I must be some sort of hypochondriac, because what kind of idiot goes into the Urgent Care for a cold?

Oh well, the $10 co-pay was worth it because I got a prescription for Robitussin with codeine and this little gem -

I showed this letter to Erik and he just laughed, "Being a Mom isn't like a real job." I know, Erik, oh, how I know.

I'm feeling a lot better today, probably because of the six hours of television I let the kids watch yesterday while I laid on the couch [wow, it looks even worse when I write it out]. To get over my guilt, I decided to take the kids to the beach this morning.

Being at the beach today made me sad that we didn't do more fun things while we were in San Diego this week. Oh well, till the next time.


  1. Such CUTE pics of your boys! Those six hours of TV-time must've done them some good too-- they look so content. (Love Charlie's hair!!)

    You should seriously hang onto those doctor's orders! (They could come in handy when you want to get out of a dreaded church assignment or some other task you'd have a hard time saying "no" to very easily...) Btw, do you think your getaway last week is what made you get so run-down? I just hate when that happens.

  2. oh gosh cristin... its so miserable being sick with little kids! im glad ur feeling better!

  3. I'm leaving a comment because 1. I feel really bad that you only have 2 comments and 2. A COLD!? And you thought you had STREP THROAT! hmmm maybe then what you tell me about child labor really isn't all that bad. ( I have learned though to just go right when you are feeling bad and not wait, or it could turn into something worse like bronchitus)



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