Since we drove 2 cars to San Diego, Erik and I each took one child on the trip home. Charlie chose to go with Daddy in the big truck and Luke wanted to go with me.

Luke talked to me non-stop for 4 hours straight.

Some highlights of my trip with Luke include -
- He made up a game, "Okay, Mommy, I'm going to say some words and then you guess what letter they start with - PEANUTS, PIZZA, AND PENIS. Is it A, D, or P!?"

- He explained to me that "cows poop milk into buckets for the farmers to put in bottles."

- When we stopped at Jack-in-the Box for dinner, he ran around the restaurant three times screaming at the top of his lungs, "I LOVE THIS PLACE! I LOVE THIS PLACE! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!"

- Told me his 4 year old cousin, Wyatt, knows how to drive a real race car, and then explained how.

- After passing an Enterprise Vanpool with a flying car on the side of it (see above picture), he explained to me for 20 minutes how it works, where the wings are hidden on the side of the van and how our car could never fly like that van.

- When I said, "Luke, why don't you close your eyes and go to sleep." He responded, "Okay, you go to sleep too, Mommy." When I told him I couldn't because I was driving, he said, "Yes you can, Silly!"


  1. I'm so glad someone has a son just like mine! I thought I was going insane.

  2. Oh, boy--I love the fact that "Penis" was one of his P words. :)

  3. OH my gosh that is TOO funny!

  4. I especially love the Jack in the Box one!!!

  5. He's hilarious! It sounds like his brain and Penny's brain work the exact same way.

  6. Sounds like a very informative, educational, revealing and EXHAUSTING 4-hour drive!

  7. Don'tcha love their non-stop chatter? At least it kept you awake!

  8. OH MY GOSH!!! HAHAHA! I can't wait to see Luke!



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