Wow, that was bad. I mean, painfully, bad.

Last night, we rented Valentine's Day from Netflix. Never heard of it? You might know it from it's alternate title, Let's See How Many Celebrities We Can Cram Into This Awful Movie. I don't know who I felt worse for... Erik being forced to watch this movie with me or the good actors who were stuck in a bad story. Since the actors were getting paid, I choose Erik. I'm gonna owe him.

I wanted this movie to be good. The trailer was good. Like I mentioned before, there were too many actors. There wasn't enough time to give adequate attention to any one story. I felt like a lot of actors were in it as a favor to the director or just to pick up a paycheck. They could have easily cut 2 or 3 stories out of the movie, spent more time on the rest, and it might have actually been decent.

Ensemble movies don't have to be awful like this. A few years ago I watched a fantastic Clean Flicks version of Love Actually. (Movies edited by Clean Flicks are notoriously bad so I can only imagine how great the real version was.) Even He's Just Not That Into You was better than this and that's saying something because I hate movies about infidelity. Good romantic comedies feel so rare, especially after watching this piece of garbage last night.



  1. Vak and I saw Valentines day and I just grinned from ear to ear almost the entire movie. I guess I just love stupid movies, (I liked "He's just not that into you" and I am really looking forward to "Killers"!) but I do agree some of the story lines could have been cut out.

    But Cristin... don't act like you are above us when it comes to these movies! How many times did you see "Spiceworld" in the Theater? or how about when you dragged me along to see "Teenage Confessions of a Drama Queen"? Ya... thought so:)

    P.s. Speaking of movies about infidelity themes, did you ever watch "The Painted Veil"? That's actually a good one!

  2. completely agree...it was legitimately a piece of crap movie. I felt really bad for making Brent watch it as well..... Never watching it again....The End.

  3. Love Actually is my all time favorite movie, so I usually have low expectations for this kind of movie (romantic comedy with lots of intertwining stories). It definitely wasn't up to Love Actually's caliber, but for a cheesy, cliché romantic comedy, I agree with Kelley- I liked it! Plus, let's face it, I'm a sucker for McDreamy and McSteamy, so this movie was made for people like me Ü

  4. I had horrible dreams for weeks after watching this movie. Isn't that wierd?

    I wish I would have walked out many times but I kept telling myself that was the worst it was going to get.

    It was the dirtiest movie/TV I've watched in a long time and kinda a shock to my system...lol funny huh?

  5. I love your movie reviews!
    I thought Valentines Day was lame lame lame too.
    Not even a truck load of stars could save it.



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