Tell me. At what age should I worry that my kid is socially awkward? I hope it's not 4.

Luke has recently been obsessed with wearing an old motorcycle helmet he found in the shed. He literally wears it for so long that his hair is sweaty and nasty when he takes it off... if he takes it off.

He wears it while eating. What a mess. You can see in this picture that he is getting yogurt all over the helmet.

He wears it while he "washes" his bike. (This is a great activity. It kept my kids entertained for almost an hour. They "washed" a lot of their toys.)

I stopped fighting it and let him wear it in public. How can this be comfortable? I do not know.

I love the look on Erik's face when Luke is greeting him at the airport wearing his helmet. On the bright side, I do worry less about Luke hurting himself when he tries to do crazy things. I kind of wish Erik would wear the helmet all the time too.


  1. Our conversation regarding Picture #3:

    Me: Who's that midget at Cristin's house?
    Wife: I think it's Charlie. He's just wearing big clothes.
    Me: But it looks like an adult. Look how tall he is compared to that table.

    So what's the deal with the visiting midget?

  2. One afternoon, during the period of time when I was learning to drive, my dad got into the car wearing one of his motorcycle helmets. I had to laugh.

  3. I think its cute, but this post does confirm what I have known for a long time- that Luke will be socially awkward.

  4. This is too funny! Ryan used to wear a bucket on his head for the longest time. Every once and awhile I catch him with it on still. I figured I would pick my battles, so I let him wear it when we went out in public too. At least Luke's helmet is meant to be worn on his head, unlike Ry's bucket.

  5. He comes by the obsession honestly. When you were that age you wore a pair of plastic orange glasses (without lenses) EVERYWHERE---remember?

  6. Maybe he can start a trend. I bet many moms wish their 4 year old would wear one of those. Troy and I were rolling at this.

  7. Hilarious! Hey, safety first-- right Luke??

  8. So funny, I'm crying! My kids do some weird things too, you're not alone.

  9. Just think of Benny and Joon. She wears a helmet in there and seems totally normal, right? haha!



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