The Friday before last, Erik's old friend from high school, Patrick, texted him from the Canary Islands to tell him he was getting married in Washington, D.C. in exactly one week. So naturally, the next day we made arrangements for the kids and bought ourselves airplane tickets to fly out for the wedding on the following Thursday. (Here's a tip, if you want a good deal on airplane tickets, do not buy them 5 days in advance.)

Sounds fun, right? A spontaneous romantic 6 day getaway for a good friend's wedding? Well, we later found out that there was a catch. The wedding ceremony would be held on the top of a mountain. Literally. We would be leaving at 5 a.m. to drive 2 hours to hike 8 miles. We were told that the "strenuous" mountain hike would include "scrambling" and "rock face." Even though everyone knows that an East Coast mountain is actually more like a West Coast hill, I couldn't help but freak out.

Please don't get me wrong. I can see the reasoning behind wanting to get married on the top of a mountain. The adrenaline from the hike. The scenic view. It would be fun. However, I'm just kind of a wuss when it comes to anything strenuous. After googling the words, "scrambling" and "rock face", I was convinced that I either needed to feign illness or pray that something would change these plans. (Saying I didn't want to do the hike wasn't a real option.)

Well, guess what? God answers prayers!

The afternoon before we left, we received an email stating that due to forecasted rain, the ceremony instead would be taking place at a shelter near a lake, followed by mud football. I enthusiastically danced around the house, yelling, "Hallelujah! I can be lazy!!" The meet time had also been changed to 6 a.m. instead of 5. Boo-yah!

Patrick and Meg's wedding was really nice, simple, and sweet. It didn't even rain, either.

Afterwards, they "took the plunge" in the lake. Heh, heh.

Erik, of course, had to jump in after they did. All in all, it was a really great day. It made me forget about all the stressful last minute planning we did to get there. I was really happy we went.

A bonus was that we were able to spend Memorial Day touring Washington, D.C. This was kind of a second chance to see all things I missed when I was there last summer.

The Lincoln Memorial actually had a Lincoln impersonator walking around. However, when people asked him for a picture, his bodyguard (yes, really), said, "No pictures!" This is me being sly and taking a picture with him anyway. HA!

We visited Julia Child's kitchen inside the American History Smithsonian. I wanted to leave a big 'ol cube of butter like in Julie and Julia but it would have melted in my bag. I really don't know how you East Coast folks live in that humidity!

As I was going through our pictures today, I noticed that Erik and I are inadvertently starting to dress the same. It's not as bad as those old couples who wear matching track suits, but we are getting there.

Finally, what trip to the D.C. area would be complete without a cannon picture?! Erik came up with that pose all on his own. Very creative.


  1. Yay-- you're back! I missed your posts. A lot. What a great comeback blog post and story.

    1. "Climb Every Mountain"--lovin the title!
    2. Love that your prayer was answered! Something quite similar happened to me in DC as well, but it involved a major blizzard. When it hit, I danced around my house singing the "Hallelujah Chorus" for hours!
    3. I love Meg's wedding veil--with her shorts and tank.
    4. How fun that the bride and groom (and Erik) would take the plunge like that!
    5. Cute twinner outfits (you and Erik). I think you really need to have Kelley add your photo to her May 12th "2 Peas in a Pod" post. I mean it.
    6. You are so sly-- getting in that photo with Abe. Nice.
    7. If the hike wouldn't have killed you, the humidity may have. Seriously. There's a reason that the Shedandoah Mountains are so lush and green.
    8. Even though the flight was pricey, I'm glad Erik wasn't the pilot (no offense, Erik) and that you made it home safely. Welcome back!

  2. PS- I was at Forever 21 yesterday... and thought of you. Also, how is your little pro photographer? Did he get much work done while you were out of town?

  3. you better thank that husband of yours for a never-ending sense of humor...it'll come in handy 20 years from now!

  4. Is that minister wearing an art smock or a cape?

  5. So how long did you end up spending in the Air and Space museum?

    That wedding looks so fun!

  6. After showing this to Salesi he said "I don't think he's going to be the president anymore." Oh yeah and he also first said "Yeah that looks like somebody who would be Erik's friend."

  7. Your hubby - what a joker! And you both look cute. But why even have an Abe dude if you can have a photo op? Cra-zy. But, fits right in with the current WH, eh?



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