Charlie "cussing" Luke out.

Charlie refers to Luke as, "Woo." The first thing he asks me when he wakes up is "Where is Woo?" When he sees Luke, he says, "What doing Woo?" When I ask Charlie what his name is, he says, "I'm Woo!" You think that's cute, you should hear Charlie yell at "Woo." It's adorable.

Charlie has started talking back when he fights with Luke and I love it. I know I should tell them to stop fighting, but it's so funny to hear Charlie be mean! It reminds me of when I would fight with my native companion on my mission. I knew it was bad, but I was so thrilled to be able to use the subjunctive in French while telling someone off that I kept on fighting. Loads of fun!

Yesterday, Charlie locked himself in the bathroom. Even though Luke had nothing to do with it, I could hear Charlie screaming from inside the bathroom, "Stop, Woo, Stop! Go away, Woo! Stop, Woo! Mine, Woo! No, Woo!" It gave me something to laugh about as I was unscrewing the doorknob off to let him out.

Good times.


  1. My three favorite things about this post:
    a) the photo- you caught their raw emotion! (definitely not staged)
    b) the line: "I was so thrilled to be able to use the subjunctive in French while telling someone off..." I love using the subjunctive-- it is so underrated!
    c) that you make unscrewing the doorknob sound as routine as tying Charlie's shoelaces...

  2. I love the same things that Katherine loved...and the fact that Luke's name has now been changed to Woo. Awesome.

  3. Ya, do you just always have your camera handy? Jonah calls Grandma Nalder, Woe Woe and me, Bo bo.

  4. Jonah calls Luke Uke. But he always refers to your boys as a set. "Chawee - Uke" We need to come visit. I'll help you unscrew door knobs.



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