I read this article today indicating that ADHD has now been linked to pesticides. Of course this had to happen during the same week that I resigned myself to not eating organic produce.

Sommer loaned me The Diet Rebel's Cookbook recently. The book's authors ostentatiously write about making their own butter, only drinking raw milk, sprouting wheat, growing a garden, eating free-range chicken, avoiding microwaves, blah blah blah. They brag about only shopping at this one particular health food store in Utah. So "great." If I sound indifferent, it's because I've been through this before. I saw Food, Inc. and read Fast Food Nation. I know how I should be eating. I try to eat the best can, however, affording to eat that way is another story...

When I finished Sommer's book, I thought I would try to eat like the authors for just one week. I planned out my menu and went down to the health food store. As I was putting things into my cart and tabulating how much it was going to cost me, I just couldn't buy everything I wanted to. I was so mad. I almost started stopping customers in the store to ask what they do for a living. How do people afford to eat like this? I'm so jealous.

People will say you can't NOT afford to eat this way. Really? I beg to differ. So, let's say my eczema is inflamed by drinking pasteurized milk, and it very well could be, buying the medicine is still cheaper than spending $300 dollars a month on milk. Now "they" say my kids are going to get ADHD from pesticides on non-organic blueberries. People wonder why poor people are unhealthy! It is total conspiracy against the poor, I tell you.

So, I guess what I am saying is that The Diet Rebel's Cookbook is great if you can afford to eat like that or if you're willing to become a rice and beans family who drinks one cup of milk a week. For the rest of us, Ho ho's and Twinkies all around!


  1. I didn't know you had eczema? Don't your in-laws own a health food store?? this is all new to you?? isn't that one of the topics that should've been covered during the dating phase...right up there with "how many kids do you want"??

  2. Having worked in a health food store most of my pre-married life, I can claim as an expert that there are plenty of non-dramatic folks who shop on a budget in the health food stores. As an example, many of the foods in the health food stores are sold at great prices, produce and bulk grains as an example are typically better priced then many of the super markets. If you buy into the latest fad/trendy thing, then you are definately going to pay more for it. I liked the Planet money podcast from a few weeks ago where they called "Whole Foods" "Whole Paycheck" that was good. :o)

  3. P.S. don't worry, food stamps work the same on milk as they do on Lobster, Prosciutto and Raclette, all we need to do, is make less money so we can use the fedrally subsidized programs to pay for our luxury food items, its the new American way.

  4. I totally agree with the Food Stamps idea. When Emily and I aren't eating wild Pacific Salmon on our Food Stamps or fresh caught dungeness crab bought on markup at Whole Foods here in cheapo S.F., we're eating oats, oats, broccoli, oats, fruits, and some more broccoli. Oh and corn. Plus, some oats. We drink Silk (soymilk)and water. And we force feed all of this to our kids who scream and cry at every meal. It's quite a sight to see, really. It's really sad that Costco has started taken Food Stamps. Now we have to buy things bulk and cheap just to keep from feeling guilty about living on welfare. Our conciences won't allow anything else.

    Oh I also forgot, we now add chia seeds to pretty much everything we eat (ie, oats)

    I'll give a one-handed clap to whoever can guess what the four of us eat every morning for breakfast. (It starts with an "O" and ends with "ats + Soymilk") Lol.

  5. Tragic. I agree with Cristin. I try to grow as much as I can in my garden (which ends up being next to nothing), but other than that, I do the best I can. I'm proud of us if we even have salad, much less the organic type. It's SO. DANG. EXPENSIVE to buy it any other way--maybe not if you're in a big city with lots of options, but when you're in a small town where health food is 5 times more expensive than your regular kind, you have to do what you can.

  6. I'm not a super organic fanatic... meaning if it's not organic I won't eat it... but I do try and eat mostly organic, obviously within reason. I try and eat organic produce, but when organic cherries are twice the price as regular ones I buy commercial. I finally decided to buy organic milk after re-realizing how bad the other stuff can be. I heard on a talk show that the things you buy the most... should be organic and don't sweat too much the small stuff.

  7. And if you think about how much you spend on your eczema cream and you STILL have it, you really are spending a lot on something that may not be working.

  8. Well, I don't know the study, but my Dad reads all sorts of health newsletters and he's not into organic. (And he still cooks in the microwave!) I know at least a few years ago that some health professionals said organic was a fraud. I don't know if it's because the bugs would be worse or as bad as the pesticides or what. I guess you have to go with your gut and hope for the best.

  9. My brother was visiting a dairy and saw the automatic milking machine suck in a cow turd after it dropped off the cows udder. The workers said that happens all the time. After hearing that I don't think I would ever drink anything that wasn't pasturized.

  10. I was totally sold on the idea of buying unpasteurized milk until 17 people got sick from salmonella poisoning. I mean, c'mon, 17 is a big number and a huge percentage. :)

    All right, actually, I can't afford it, and I don't have room for a cow in my backyard, and I don't know how to care for a a goat. So, I'll take the processed stuff for now.

  11. I love all of the above comments-- esp Erik's-- hahahahahahahaha! (Btw, very timely post.)

  12. I think we are given knowledge, and we have to pick and choose to apply it the best we can for our circumstance. We need not sweat the small stuff..... We should keep the word of wisdom...and do the best we can to eat GOOD WHOLESOME food.

    Really, if Heavenly Father needs you here for a long time, and you are doing all in your power to be as healthy as you know how to be...he can fix whatever ailment you might have to keep you here for the duration of your time that he needs.

    but perhaps he sees the eczyma as one of those non-essential's... Stinks, I know....

    e-mail me though, I have eczyma too (thought I don't know how to spell it) and my doctor prescribed an oil that worked wonders on my scalp, face and random patches on my body. =) I had tried EVERYTHING before I tried this stuff and its seriously a wonder oil..... There, now you know....... I'm not perfect...lol j/k



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