Charlie turns 2 tomorrow. I love this age because he talks and says funny things which make no sense. However, on the other hand I find myself saying to him way too much, "Hey, Crazy, put your clothes back on." This morning he threw two practically identical temper tantrums. Both times, I walked away once he began throwing things, and minutes later he had taken off all his clothes. In our house, toddlers who refuse to wear clothes wear onesies.

So, what's my strategy for dressing an uncooperative toddler? Today, I unsuccessfully attempted to hold him down with my legs. Since that didn't work, I got desperate and asked Luke for help. Luke walked over with one of Charlie's toys, which I thought he was going to give to him. No. Instead Luke hit him over the head repeatedly with it, saying, "Listen to Mommy, Charlie! You need to wear a diaper!" Did I mention that this toy was a hard plastic spinning top? Luke's strategy worked.

In completely unrelated news, it has snowed for the past few days. Luke asked me if we could set up the Christmas Tree and we read Twas the Night Before Christmas last night at bedtime. It still is April, right?


  1. Haha. I'm having issues with Grace keeping her clothes on too. She's wearing a onesie with her tennis shoes and nothing else today too :) I love Luke's "helping"...you're raising them well :)

  2. WOw that really is funny what Luke did. You said it yourself, that boy is a genious! and in case I forget... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE! now put your clothes back on!

  3. I HATE it when winter comes back after spring has begun! Filty rotten unpredictable weather....

  4. Happy Birthday Charlie! I am so ready for Spring!

  5. Have you tried putting him in a unitard that zips up in the back?



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