Last week, one of my sisters told me that if she had a billion dollars, the first thing she would do would be to give me $10,000 for a new wardrobe because I "dress so badly." (How sweet. Her own personal What Not to Wear just for me.) I would like to think that I dress bad because I hate shopping. With a personal shopper (and unlimited funds), I could look really good.

So, yesterday, I tried to shop. I now remember why I have a hard time buying clothes.


[Yes, I know I am dressed bad. I rolled out of bed and threw on whatever I could find for this impromptu shopping trip, don't you judge me or my glasses. It was last minute!!]

Seriously, have you ever seen so many ugly clothes in one store in your entire life? Obviously, I am in the minority since their company is expanding faster than the hey-day of Krispie Kreme Doughnuts. I just don't get how they are staying in business. Accessories alone can't carry the store, or can they?

Speaking of accessories, I desperately tried to talk my sister into buying the peacock headband she is wearing in this picture. She refused. Can you imagine someone wearing that to church? It would be awesome.

Who buys shoes like this?? I must be getting old. I need a store called Forever 31 with personal shoppers, free babysitting (like Ikea), and affordable clothes that actually fit normal people. I should get paid for these ideas.


  1. I love that your sister would spare 10,000 of her 1 BILLION dollars with you! That just cracked me up ;0)! But Honestly, I used to hate shopping but now I love it! I just got and add for some fossil clothing and you would really like! The simple but trendy looks they have would really suit you! But for me I have to shop at Ross, TJ maxx and outlet stores- which my friends who have more money and expensive jeans- tell me is not as cool.. Oh well!

  2. Aside from the "I just pooed my pants" look, I think you look fine. I think you've got a normal sense of style, but your sisters have drunk deeply from the fashion Kool-Aid and you worry that you should, too. Don't do it! Stay normal.

  3. Kelley?? Cristin, if you look bad then I look horrible. Trust me, your clothes have to be cuter than mine. I love to shop, I'm just too poor to. Your sister relationships crack me up, the things you guys say to each other. I love it that you can joke about it and not be all crushed by it. I agree with the comment above, I think you look fine (sorry Kelley or whoever said it).


    that headband is amazing.

  5. Just to clarify it was Kaci who said that and she was also going to hire a personal shooper to o with Cristin! Okay but u know what, you and I are the only ones who have kids and your priorities change after kids, it is sad to say but you just don;t care AS MUCH about staying in fashion after having kids.Not that forever 21 is what everyone should be aiming for! I am so glad u posted this, I was hoping you would. Those boots/heels/sandals look AWESOME.

  6. Sorry Kelley! I didn't think you said it because I think you are rude. I just thought maybe you did because you like fashion.

  7. Sorry Kelley! I didn't think you said it because I think you are rude. I just thought maybe you did because you like fashion.

  8. I don't think those words came out of my mouth, I mean Cristin ALWAYS changes stuff to make it sound better for her blog. First, I was going to give Cristin $200,000 right off the bat to do whatever she wanted for her and her family AND give her extra gifts (such as a giant gift card to go shopping at neimun marcus and all that stuff) Then once I knew what I was doing with the money, I would give more away of course.

  9. So, I just popped in from Mormon Mommy Blogs and I had to tell you something: I love your store idea. All it needs is free samples of food and I'd waste my life there.

    Also, I wish I looked as good as you do when I "throw something on."

  10. I don't like that store either, and I wasn't even shopping there, my teenager girls were! Trampy! But you are right, they do have great accessories. But I can't afford to buy, anyway. One store you'l NEVER see me in, though, is Lane Bryant. If I need to shop there, it will be cuz I'm ready for the coffin...

  11. This may be one of your best posts ever! So funny on sooo many levels. I agree, there definitely needs to be a Forever 31 (and possibly a Forever 41 as well).

    Cristin, please buy those lace-up PEEP TOE shoebooties! You would look so hawt, I promise.

    And Caitlin looks so alluring with that peacock headband-- I can't believe she refused to buy it. She'll be sorry someday.

    FYI, we would never judge you or your glasses. You're one hot mommy.

  12. Cristin,
    You don't dress bad. Just because your sisters haven't come to grips with reality, doesn't mean you dress badly. And the clothes at Forever 21 go out of style so fast, there is no way to keep up with fashion unless you buy clothes constantly and that just isn't practical. But then again, I guess that's why those of us who are practical are considered poor dressers! :) At least you don't wear scrubs every where!

  13. I wear outfits like this everyday. They are not frumpy. If you add some chunky accessory I bet your sisters would like it better. This is I 'm a mom and I need to mutli-task outfit. I like it!



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