When we cut the cable and gave up on using an antenna, I unfortunately cut Sesame Street out of our lives as well. I never realized how hard it would be to find full length episodes to rent or watch online. Sadly, I've resorted to setting up a queue of Sesame Street clips on Hulu for the kids to watch. It's pretty pathetic. Last week I rented Sesame Street:40 Years of Sunny Days from Netflix in the hopes that it would contain some full length episodes for the kids. The kids could care less about the DVD, but I was enthralled.

As I began to watch clips from the first few seasons, I was struck by how familiar it was. I mean, I felt like I was coming home or meeting my "real" parents. It was pretty eerie. I wanted Erik to watch it to see if he felt the same thing, but he said that would only happen if he watched old Dukes of Hazzard episodes. So, maybe it's just me that has this weird connection to early Sesame Street?

At first, I thought the only logical explanation for the way I was feeling was that I am older than I think I am. Why else would watching this stuff from the early 1970's feel like home to me? I immediately called my mom and demanded to know if my birth certificate was forged. She said sarcastically, "Yup, you're 38." Yet maybe she wasn't being sarcastic. Maybe I really am 38. (I say 38 because I could see myself actually being 38. 39? No way. Too old.) I tried to probe the details of my birth further, but she kept changing the subject and laughing. Interesting, huh?

So, let's "pretend" that my parents didn't forge my birth certificate. My next question was, "How much t.v. did I watch as a little kid?"Undoubtedly, it was a lot because as I watched these old clips, I felt like I knew these people, personally. Obviously, there are much worse things than watching hours of Sesame Street as a little kid. I'm not accusing you of anything, Mom.

The "Television" Monster

I learned a lot from watching the DVD's also. Did you know that Telly Monster was originally the "Television Monster"? His eyes would bug out every time he watched television but they thought it was too scary for kids, so they changed him a bit. Also, Oscar the Grouch was originally orange!

An Orange Oscar the Grouch

Some aspects of new Sesame Street make me mad now. It just doesn't seem fair that Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, and Prairie Dawn aren't featured so much anymore. Why does Elmo get all the glory? Why was Roosevelt Franklin so controversial? Oh, and poor Mr. Hooper. Why did he have to die?! I actually think I may end up buying this DVD set. When I am sad, I will just turn it on and hang out with my old "friends" on the television.

Let's end on a positive note. What aspects of the new Sesame Street do I like? The musical guests. Just when I thought I couldn't stomach this song one more time, they make it likable again.


  1. I have vivid childhood memories of Mr. Hooper dying. I ran next door down my neighbor's super long driveway to break the news to him because I knew he'd be as upset as I was.

    I like all the new characters. But I do think they have gone over the top with Elmo. Big Bird was the star of my childhood and is barely a minor character these days.

  2. We didnt have cable when I was younger, but my grandma taped Sesame Street for us occasionally. Even with the small amount that I remember watching it, I was not happy when I started letting Ry watch it. The show itself is fine and doesn't bother me, but for some reason, the fact that the opening song is not exactly the same bothered me! The first time I put it on for Ryan, we were playing and I was singing the song to him...only to realize I was totally off...same words, different tune!

  3. we get pbs and I try to get Jonah into Sesame Street, but I find myself watching it more than he is. I think he is slowly appreciating it. He really likes the number and letter of the day.. and yes ELMO is his favorite part!

    ----but he LOVES Caillou. I couldn't figure out WHY until I realized Caillou is living Jonah's life! He has a little sister, his grandparents see him almost every day, he has a grey cat just like stewart, he looks like Luke, and talks as high as both of them!

  4. I was, according to my mother, addicted to Sesame Street as a child. Snuffy is my favorite. Elmo is annoying.

  5. A few weeks ago I introduced Jackson to the "yep-yeps," and we were both laughing together.

  6. We bought that, actually. The girls love it. I feel the same, nostalgic for stuff before my time.

    "My hair is black and red, my hair is yellow, my eyes are brown and green and blue..."

    I am a Jim Henson fangirl.

  7. I think your mom is hiding something...

    That Elmo. Why DOES he thinks he's all that?

  8. Actually, I recall that your favorite show was Let's Make a Deal. You would stand against the wall opposite the t.v. and I would call out "Cristin Goodrich come on down!" You would then race across the room. The Bob Barker version started airing in 1972. Maybe you really are 38...



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