Stake Conference was yesterday and I was dreading it all week.

For a moment, I am going to pretend that none of you are Mormon. This is what Stake Conference means to me:

I wake up at 6:30 a.m. to pack bags of food and extra clothes for the kids, dress myself and the kids up in Sunday clothes, eat breakfast, then travel 45 minutes to sit with over 1,000 people to hear church leaders speak. Normally, we don't get there early enough, so we have a really bad seat and end up watching it projected onto a screen. Then, we are supposed to sit there with our very small children for two whole hours.

Except what normally happens is that the kids don't want to sit there for two hours. (What little kids would?!) The part I was really dreading was that after all of this effort, I would be walking around in the halls and outside for two hours with the kids. This is what happens in the past. What is the point of going through all of this if I can't even hear the speakers?*

However, I went because that is what you're supposed to do. I am so glad I did, because the most unbelievable thing happened -

The kids stayed in the chapel during the entire two hours of Stake Conference.

I know you don't believe me, so I will write it again.

The kids stayed in the chapel during the entire two hours of Stake Conference.

They weren't exactly the most reverent children, but they did stay in there and they didn't scream. I actually heard the talks. At the end of the two hours, Erik and I high fived each other because, as everyone knows, it's not the parents fault when kids behave badly, but parents can take all the credit when their children behave exceptionally well.

Thanks, Luke and Charlie. I owe you one.

*There is a "cry room" where you can watch Stake Conference, but we got kicked out of there once for being too loud. No joke.


  1. Serious high 5!!! Your kids are growing up 

  2. Nice! I'm sure that felt good. honestly, now that I have a child, Sundays are THE longest days. it feels like running a marathon.

  3. Did you drug them ahead of time?? (With Benadryl, of course.)

    If not, I would call it a true modern day miracle!! (And...your obedience was instantly rewarded- YAY!)

    (How funny that you've been kicked out of the "cry room"-- I love it!)

  4. Wahoo!

    The BEST stake conference I ever went to was actually a regional broadcast where Pres. Monson said how much he loved the little kids and didn't mind them being restless and he understood because "wouldn't you be that way if you had such a large spirit trapped in a little body?" His words.

  5. 2 hours of Church? I think you Mormons are much more dedicated than us Catholics.
    My mum used to say containing small kids in church is like popping an octopus in a string bag... well done to you for having such well behaved octopuses!

  6. I am SOOO impressed. It's been weeks since I've sat through an entire Relief Society lesson.

  7. Yeah, Luke and Charlie! I'm glad you wrote about it Cristin so you can look back and remember that day. You'll have more of them, I promise! They might come intermittently, but they will get closer together!
    I'm so proud of you that you were "where you were supposed to be, when you were supposed to be there". You will always be blessed but maybe not so instantly.
    Love you! Totally enjoy taking the credit for this one!

  8. That is soo awesome. I bow to you!

  9. YAY! and you guys looked great at conference too.

  10. woohoo!

    stake conference, check.

  11. Hey Cristin - you have to go to the primary room or rs room. they broadcast it in there and the kids can play on the floor with toysand the chalkboard. And there are other people making noise too and you can hear the speaker still. I honestly could have done without the talk about how we need to "do a little more". I'm like this talk is not for the people who are here. The people who are here ARE doing everything plus some. I wish the kids would've been louder so I couldn't hear that talk. But other than that I liked the talks and was glad I could hear even over the buzz of the kids playing. We still go in there even though our kids are older now. It's the best. But that is awesome your kids made it the whole time in the chapel! wow!

  12. Can I just say how every time I drive the four blocks to Stake Conference how I chant silent prayers of gratitude? Or any meeting at the Stake Center for that matter.
    I did it for 13 years though so I feel I put in my time. Never thought to walk around outside...
    I love that we get to take credit for our kids when they are unexpectedly good!



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