How can I complain about my husband not being home for dinner in that last post? At least he's not a time traveler. (Hardy har har.)

First, I need to admit that I did not read this book. I have no idea how this book differs from the movie. I imagine that it is probably a really good book. The premise is intriguing - a science fiction, time traveling, love story. However, the movie left me depressed and asking too many questions.

[Spoiler Alert.]

Why does Rachel McAdams never really age? Why did Eric Bana get gray hair so early? Why does she stay with him? How many times do they play the lottery? Was it really necessary to see Eric Bana's bare backside so many times? Is Ron Livingston gaining weight or is it just my imagination? Wouldn't it have been more interesting if he had accidentally shot himself at the end? Or perhaps killed in a big shoot out with the police?

Most of all, it left me wondering how and when I am going to die. Will it be peaceful? Will it be in an airplane? Will I be old? Will my death be anti-climatic like the end of this movie? I hope not.



  1. You're not missing much not reading the book. I read it - and wished I hadn't. I'm not easily turned off by a books language or morality, but this one was over the top. The movie was better because F wasn't every other word. It was so crude I was left to wonder, "do people really talk/think like this?"

    But the movie wasn't as rich as the story line in the book. It couldn't possibly be. I think your rating is perfect.

  2. I thought the movie was lame... and I saw it in a hotel room whilst my hubby and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary... somehow that made it even lamer.
    Ps I am also not embarrassed to admit I didn’t understand the concept and didn’t get "it".

  3. I agree with Sarah, don't read the book. It was so horrible, both the language, and the author's apparent fascination with macabre imagery; don't waste your time. Not to mention, the ending in the book is a lot more unsatisfactory, even more cruel than the movie. I was very disappointed with both.

  4. Book was horrible. Couldn't even finish it. Save your time and don't read it. Sounds like the movie isn't all that hot either. Guess I can take it out of my netflix queue.

  5. I enjoyed the book and the movie. I read the book a long time ago though so I cannot say which I preferred but you simply have to accept the time travel as presented. If you question it too much...you wind up ruining the movie.



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