"Everyone" told me this one was better than the first one. REALLY?!

I watched New Moon for the first time last night. Guess what? Edward still looks constipated. Bella is still attracted to things that aren't human. I just about fell asleep until these guys showed up in the movie -

HELLO, Wolf Pack! This isn't your typical Southern trailer trash clan in cut-offs and no shirts, they wear nice tennis shoes when they run through the forest. Not to mention that their shorts look like they are about to fall off because they sit so low on their hips... in 30 degree weather I might add.

Let's see, then Liz Lemon's "Future Husband" was some big and powerful vampire, blah blah blah, Jacob cuts his hair, Dakota Fanning, blah blah blah, cheesy music, I want to punch Bella in the face because she is annoying, blah blah blah, then I fell asleep.

Is this worth watching at a midnight showing? Really, Ladies, REALLY?!



  1. I will agree to an extent... the movies are nothing compared to the books. But if you love the books, I think you will still like the movies. Maybe not love, but like the movies. This one is A LOT better than Twilight, which is a bit sad. But as a Twilight Saga fan, I will admit, I liked it.

  2. I personally believe that this movie IS better than the first one. However, that does not make it a good one. In fact, my favorite part about going to that movie was laughing at it and the women around me! I still haven't watched Twilight a second time. I'm certain I will see Eclipse, but I'm pretty sure that I won't ever buy the movies. I prefer the Bella and Edward in my head.

  3. ps... please take the porn off your site.

  4. Yeah, I refused to go at midnight after going at that horrible hour to see Twilight. I did think that this movie was better than the first, and if you cnsider that usually a sequel never compares favorably to the original, that's quite an accomplishment. And of course, when Jaoob and his boys showed up, my friends and I were all a-twitterpated! Talk about a flashback to teenaged hormones here. Thankfully we all had husbands to go home to! ;~D

  5. If you can not be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.............................................

  6. It's hard to squeeze 600 pages book into decent movie, book was not that bad, especially considering teenage audience it was primary targeting.
    The only time when I saw that show was actually better than book was the case of Tru Blood HBO series. HBO produces really realistic characters in their shows, on the other side Hollywood just stamps whatever keeps audience engaged for hour an half.

  7. I actually hated the second book. She whines and tries to kill herself doing stupid things. For 600 hundred pages.

    But, that being said, I will probably still end up watching the movie. Just 'cause I'm curious. :}

  8. I had to say something. I watched it the first time and thought it was ok. I love that you want to punch Bella in the face. Sometimes I want to, especially when she is kissing Edward. My opinion was that there was not enough Edward. When I was reading the book I actually skipped over everything until Edward came back, sighed and then went back. Not enough Edward, I say!!!

  9. Read the books just to see what the hype was about and lost most of my respect for our gender. I watched the first movie, on DVD, and was bored and I still haven't seen the second one. I will watch it one night when I have nothing better to do to satisfy my curiosity. I too, wish to puch Bella squarely in the face.



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