People keep asking me if Erik got his pilot's license yet, so I figured I better acknowledge it on here.

He completed it in January and now I am confronting the inevitable:

He expects me to fly with him.

Decisions, decisions... I feel like I am deciding what age I want to die.

Recently I was discussing Erik's new hobby with my Dad. He asked me, "What, Cristin, do you want to live forever?" My answer was, "No, but hitting 50 would be nice." (That question is funny considering that my Dad, when given the opportunity, didn't want to go flying with Erik either.)

It's not that I don't love my husband or that I don't love thought of flying all over the place. I just don't love the thought of being in a small private plane. I have only been in one twice in my life. Of course, both times I thought I was going to die.

The first time was in 2004. A friend of Erik's took us from Provo to Heber in Utah. I may be smiling in this picture, but inside I was screaming for dear life. It was terrifying riding around in that little car in the sky.

The other time was last September when we went to Milford Sound. As the pilot pointed out glaciers and majestic waterfalls, all I could think about was, "Why did I pay money to die???" I swore we were going to crash into a mountain.
Lady J can be purchased here.

As if the thought of flying with Erik isn't scary enough, he also wants to purchase the Lady J Female Urinary Director Adapter for me. I can't even begin to imagine how that thing works. Too frightening.

What's weird is that all these people we know want to fly with Erik and I don't. Please don't think I'm an awful wife. Just think about it like this: It's like driving with a new driver, except that I don't know how to drive the "car." If the "car" breaks down, we probably die... in a big bloody ball of fire, plummeting to our deaths, at 500 miles per hour. Ouch.

With all of that being said --

Congratulations, Honey. I'm proud of you. Honestly, I really am.


  1. yeah yeah yeah....enough about the license thing :) I want to know what the heck that blue thing is???? does it strap on to your helmet??? emergency parachute???

  2. Where is your faith... if it was really part of Heavenly Father's plan that you were going to die with Erik in a small private plane.... well suck it up because that is His plan!!

  3. Im really trying to figure out that blue thing.

  4. I don't blame you! I hate flying, big or small planes! (Sorry I'm not helping you). Congrats to Eric though!

  5. Yeah, the blue thing IS scary, and I think I actually understand what it's for! But I think it would be great to fly around in the sky in a little car. I used to have dreams about that when I was a little kid, but have never had the opportunity.

  6. Who do you think you are---a Kennedy or something? Don't you have any faith in The Plan? Besides, Erik is no Steve Fossett....Seriously I think you should put together a selection of classic hits to play on your ipod during that first flight with him. Stuff like GARDEN PARTY, LA BAMBA, CRAZY, ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH, BAD BAD LEROY BROWN, SITTIN ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY, and anything from LYNARD SKYNRD. Then when it's all over you can write a blog called "The Day the Music Died." It'll be great.

  7. I will never go in a small private plane again. I did from spain to the canary islands, it was the worst flight ever. this may sound crule, but I have no pitty for those that die in them. they knew the risk and did it anyways. I dont blame you for not wanting to go up!

  8. Thank you Else for making me puke, yet AGAIN today. Everyone knows those things are dangerous. There was a bad crash last year and they know its because the pilots didn't have enough experience. Well they still had way more experience than Erik, and that was a big commercial jet, a lot safer. No offense to Erik, or if I am offending him, thats even better. All I have to say is DON'T CHOOSE TO DIE IN THE SKY! and THROW THOSE SHOES AWAY ALREADY!

  9. I totally believe in the great plan of happiness and that we have a purpose on this earth. I also believe in personal responsibility and so I think the fact that you are a mom to two small boys gives you a free pass to keep you out of the plane at least until your children are grown.



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