I have spent a lot of time lately trying to figure out what to do for our family's summer vacation. Vacationing with small children is a lot like childbirth. You forget quickly how bad it really can be. Although we've had some hard times trying to travel with the little ones... hard times that I can even read about on this blog... I forget how bad it really is. I think that is why I have been so keen on the idea of doing something great this summer, like maybe Hawaii? Or flying out to Boston or New York for a week?

Well... I took the kids to the zoo yesterday. Granted, it is the
Phoenix Zoo, so it was 90 degrees, but still, a great place geared towards kids. Not. So. Fun. Kids need naps, down time, and air conditioning. Charlie hit his breaking point about an hour into it, but I needed to get my money's worth so we stayed for another two hours. (That's the kind of Mom I am.)

So, now I'm thinking the best vacation with our kids will be a simple one. Or maybe we shouldn't go on vacation. Maybe it would be better to spend the vacation money on a thing. I've always wanted a big plasma television for the kids to scratch up. Or we could save the money. (Saving... that's crazy!!) All I know is that I don't like being trapped with two angry kids in 90 degree weather all in the name of trying to do something fun. That's not so fun.


  1. Thanks for giving me hope that there are others in the world who's kids have meltdowns too haha.. I'm glad you take pics of your kids when they are happy as well as when they are in moods other than happy. It's fun to have later. Good for you for stickin it out at the zoo.

  2. The great thing about a plasma TV is that the kids would be less likely to scratch it up than just an LCD one! I don't believe in going on vacation with kids for fun. Taking the kids to bond with relatives, yes... sightseeing or activities that we "think" they would like, no. I totally agree with you about how people just forget how crazy their vacations are with little kids!

  3. How about a stay-cation! lol

  4. Pitch a tent in the back yard.

    -close to bathroom at all times
    -low cost
    -you can come and go as you choose
    close to A/C if needed (duh, Phoenix)
    -nearly free
    -other local activities can be accomodated
    -doesn't cost much

  5. Just mount the new TV above child-reach height on the wall - problem averted!

  6. We took a lot of camping trips when our kids were little (the kind of camping with electricity and a swimming pool) but one year we discovered BYU's Aspen Grove Camp. aspen.byu.edu It costs more than camping but THEY TAKE YOUR KIDS ALL DAY !!!!!! and give them back to you tired at night. They also feed you a ton. We just got back from visiting family and a DVD in the car for the 1 year old is also a lifesaver.

  7. What a profound analogy: "Vacationing with small children is a lot like childbirth. You forget quickly how bad it really can be." So true! Love it.



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