Good news! I took Luke to the dentist for the first time ever and I passed! I'm not a bad parent who is destroying my child's teeth! Yipee!!

Am I the only one who feels like my child's first dental exam is a reflection of my parenting skills? I figured this would be a good indication of whether or not I let him eat too much sugar, or use his pacifier or sippy cups for too long. Somehow, despite doing all those things, he got an A+. The dentist even said he had "nice spacing." Oh and get this, Luke gagged just like I do at the dentist! I was so proud.

The video games put Luke into a hypnotic state. Charlie was ready to attack.

Seriously though, why can't the dentist for big people offer video games and a treasure box? Not fair. I loved how the dental hygienist threw a Nintendo DS into his hands the instant she walked away. The only real problem was Charlie. He was literally trying to climb onto Luke's lap during the entire experience. Next time, I will be sure to bring a doll to entertain Charlie while Luke is getting his teeth cleaned.


  1. Good job to both of you. And I laughed that, of all the toys you could have with you, you would bring a doll for Charlie to keep him occupied. Excellent.

  2. Uggg-I do feel my kids teeth are a reflection of my parenting--and my kids have had so many dental problems! So frustrating.
    I'm glad your first experience was a good one.

  3. Are kids are like mine... When they are being good and sucessful That is my genes/parenting and when they are being painful and decay filled... its their fathers genes and "a phase".
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cristin, if you come to me as a dentist, i'll let you use the DS and get a prize, every time. Would you rather I stock Hannah Montana stickers or plastic rings? Shoot, I'll just keep both, and if I gag you on accident you get one of each, how's that for a killer deal?

  5. Good job! When the boys get their molars, be sure they get sealants on them. They are great at preventing cavities.



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