Luke wrote his name this morning all by himself! It may look like chicken scratch, but at least it's his chicken scratch. Good to know that I am not a complete failure as a mother.


  1. Thats awesome. I love the E with like 6 lines! This ones a keeper for the old memory box.

  2. I would know that said "Luke" even if you didn't tell me, so it's not bad at all.

  3. Well done, to both you and Luke.

  4. This is a huge deal- congrats!

  5. I am impressed. The "K' looks like a star. This means Luke thinks he's a little star and quite likely will become a big star someday.

    His "E" does indeed have many levels/lines. This means he is multi-dimensional and deep. He can relate on many levels.

    Way to go Luke!!

    (So Cristin, do you like my gift of interpretation?)

  6. I love toddler handwriting.
    (John is scrutinizing it with me over here--"what does it say?! what does it say?!" He is trying to say "Luke" with a strong "L")

  7. I love it! Way to go Luke! Keep practicing. I just came home from Hans' parent teacher conference....he's an excellent reader, great in math and science...speech...great, writing...not his strength :-( He has to keep practicing, too. His teachers told him this is just the beginning of his "career" of writing...much more expected in the years coming so we need to spend more time on that. Luke is only 3 but I remember Hans at that age when I was part of a little home preschool with some other mothers. The girls would just sit and color and cut out and enjoyed those small motor things...the 3 boys would do a token stroke on their paper and zoom off to play. Not much has changed yet and Hans is now 10!
    Love you Luke! Look at how much you've already improved. Just a few weeks ago you were signing just your "L" and now your whole name! I'm proud of you.
    Gramma xoxoxox

  8. nice job Luke! It's a keeper. I have always kept my kids first time they wrote their name. It's a big accomplishment!

  9. so great, Leyna's E's look exactly like that, in fact, I have one written really big on our bathroom trash can with my eye liner to prove it... AND now he can get his own library card, how cool is that?!



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