There are two reasons why we do not own nice things: Child #1 and Child #2 -

Our television is ancient, our couches are hand me downs and our cars are used. (Well, we're cheap too.) Occasionally, I go through brief phases where I toy with the idea of buying nice furniture, a fancy flat screen television, or an expensive cell phone, but then something brings me back to reality... like when my iPod touch went missing this weekend.

How do I love my iPod? Let me count the ways. The iPod is the one nice thing that is all mine. I justify my old lady phone because I have the iPod. I love, love, love, my iPod touch. You get the picture. Pee Wee Herman would probably suggest that I marry my iPod touch. So, back to the story. My iPod goes missing. I was inconsolable. Then, I began to go through all the stages of grief, first denial, then acceptance, I think I was finally entering the bargaining phase when Erik discovered it in the bathroom trash.

The bathroom trash!!! In between diapers and wipes covered with poop. Sorry you had to look at my trash, but I know how much you wanted a visual. (I circled where the iPod was sitting.) Yes, this is courtesy of Charlie. You know, the "easy" child. Ugh. I wish I could say this was unusual, but, I find important things in the garbage all the time. I'm just grateful he doesn't flush strange things down the toilet, yet.


  1. EEEEW. I hope you sanitized that after you took it out.

  2. I'm glad you got it back.

    Also, most of the furniture we have was given to us by generous relatives. The only reason we have a fancy flat-screen at all is that Bryan earned it during a promotion at his work. So, you know, I like to protect the handful of nice things that we have too.

  3. Cristin,
    I'm so glad you found it. I once found my wedding ring in the bathroom trash. There is no such thing as an easy kid :).

  4. I love my ipod touch too. I feel about mine the same you feel about yours. And as for items getting flushed down the toilet, IT'S COMING, along with a lot of other goodies.... You have 2 boys. It's gonna be a WILD ride...I feel ya.

  5. I used to find important or brand new things in the trash can courtesy of Nina, that's why I keep one trash can in the house and double wrap dirty diapers, just in case I would need to go through my trash. Look on the bright side at least you got your I-pod back!

  6. I'm glad you found it.

    Jack isn't to the point of throwing things away yet. He's just learned how fun it is to go through the trash, however.

  7. oh, I'm so glad you found it! I figure maybe once I'm a great grandma then I won't have anyone that'll come visit me anymore so I can have nice stuff then. I'll just sit in my nice house with my nice things and it will be very quiet. :)

  8. Poor Amber. Claire took her IPOD, the one she also feels is one of her only possessions that is truly hers, and it ended up going through Hannah's pants in the wash. She is one unhappy camper. You will have to mention this incident to her. BTW Peter has had to take the entire toilet off MANY times to pull things out of it that have been flushed down by Rebecca and John. Charlie is probably mapping out his plan of attack as we speak.

  9. Oh yuck! That's so gross, but I'm happy you found it :)



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