This will not be a post about how I have such an amazing 3 year old. It's more like a post to make you feel like your 3 year old is amazing for writing his or her name.

In preparation for the Valentine's Party at Luke's preschool today, he had to prepare 14 Valentines, with only his name written on each one. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Luke hates writing and coloring. Whenever I hand him a crayon or pencil at home he just draws what he calls "tracks," i.e., scribbling. I've decided not to be concerned about his lack of writing skills until he's in kindergarden. After all, he is only 3. However, since he is the youngest child in a preschool class with many kids heading off to kindergarden next year, I always feel this pressure for him to do more.

My goal for the cards was just for him to write an L. It was excruciating. I would say, "Go down" and he would go up. I would say "Go right" and he would go left. Plus, he's left handed. Through out the whole ordeal, he would keep acting like he was asleep and snore loudly. I'm just grateful his name is only 4 letters. Heaven help those children named Bartholomew, Maximillian, Jacqueline and Alexandria.

So, here is Luke's "L." I'm proud of him. This is how he handed them out. Which is funny, because now that we are home from the party, I noticed that over half of the kids' parents wrote their names on the valentines for them. C'mon, isn't this about learning?

Something else I didn't realize is that people attach treats to the valentines. Ours were the only ones without some sort of candy. I don't care though, it's not like the kids needed more candy after a lunch consisting only of cookies, chocolate, rice krispie treats, pastries and punch.

I guess as long as they don't eat like that everyday, then it's okay. Right?


  1. not only do they attach treats, but some come home with cups or bags full of candy...McLaren (I held his hand and we wrote MAC together :)attched some gripz...cheezeits...no candy :) I'm the lame mom who's kinda anti candy...but after reading this...I realize you beat me!!!! next year maybe you could send home bags of brewers yeast :)

  2. gotta love Valentine's Parties! As a kindergarten teacher, I see TONS of JUNK passed around (and yet, i'm guilty...I attach candy to my kids with each valentine.)

    just an idea on name writing...a fun way to teach a child to write letters and/or their name is to use shaving cream or sand. If you have a little kid table, put a small dollop of shaving cream in front of the child. Have them smear it across the table and then, using their index finger, draw shapes, letters, write name, etc. This usually gets them really excited about writing. (Cleaning tip, put a "paint shirt" ie just an old large t-shirt, on him. After he's done with the shaving cream, take the paint shirt off and use it to wipe up the table.)

    yes, it makes a mess, but it's a great learning activity for the kids...just make sure to put the shaving cream away up high so they don't decide to play with it on their own! hahahahaha.

  3. Awwww...it is good to see Sis. Ruble's house again all decked out for Valentines!

  4. i love the picture of luke with his tongue sticking out. he's just trying so hard! love it.

  5. I was thrilled this year that my kids can write their own names on their Valentine's cards. I totally remember dragging it out of them letter after letter (and they each only have 4 letters too).

    And my mom was against us using the name Elisabeth (Ella's full name) because she had a little girl named Elizabeth in her Kindergarten class one year and the girl only wrote "El" on all of her papers and then was too worn out to write the rest of her name.

  6. Good for you for having Luke complete the "assignment". My 3 year old is still just in the scribbling stage, which is fine - they just need to keep scribbling to their hearts content until they grow into that next stage of drawing/coloring. My mom keeps encouraging me to look into "scribble art" - I haven't yet though, but feel free to google it to see what she is talking about. I need to give my son more daily opportunities to "scribble" is what I figure for him to develop his fine motor and drawing skills more. Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. They all look so cute at the party! I miss those times now that mine are older.

    On the writing thing- my boy was just like Luke so I didn't make him draw or write much at that age. Mistake. Or at least I should have engaged him in other activities to build his fine motor skills. I didn't. My boy's fine motor/ability to write were totally underdeveloped when he started school and it's been a big struggle for us. I'm only telling you this so you can find ways to develop those physical skills in Luke and avoid the same struggles we have had with our son.

  8. Heck. I'm just impressed he got the "L" on it. Good job.

    And I never gave out candy with my valentines. We were too cheap for that.

  9. You are too hard on yourself. This is the first year I made Jackson write his name on the valentines. He wasn't even interested in writing until he was 4 1/2.

    Valentine's day is way over rated.

  10. gee cristin, you could have atleast put a red shirt on luke like all of the other kids.



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