I volunteered at Luke's preschool for the first time since he started in October. (I know, shame on me. I just never know what to do with Charlie.) It was very eye opening.

First of all, I have a whole new respect for Luke's teacher, a 77 year old German woman who is still going strong. When I was there, she was doing jumping jacks with the kids. It was very impressive. She's probably in better shape than I am.

Next, Luke sure gets a lot of special treatment. Half of the kids in his class are five years old and all the kids (except for one) are going into kindergarten next year. The teacher prepares almost a completely different set of work for Luke to do because he is so much younger than his classmates. It was very touching to me that someone would go to so much trouble for my son.

Luke's teacher, however, did have one little complaint about Luke. She said, "He's so stubborn! You have to make him think everything is his idea!" She went on, "I know he can't help his stubbornness, it's in his genes! I call him the 'Danish Resistance.' "

I laughed at Luke's nickname. She has no idea how accurate she is.

The Real Danish Resistance (1945)

Luke's great-grandfather is in the center, fifth row back with a hat, white collar and tie, and dark vest.


  1. That's so cool to have an ancestor in the Danish Restance! The only cool thing my Danish ancestor did was die after going over a waterfall.

  2. A trait in his genes that is a good one, I think, as long as it can be managed for good! I'm sure he is (and will be) a great little man!

  3. I see those same "stubborn" Danish genes in a "few" of mine....or could it be the Irish genes they get from my side...hmmmmm? I wonder if there is any culture that doesn't have a stubborn gene? Let me know if you find one....:-)

  4. That is so great that he has a good teacher. That is really comforting as a parent! I still haven't volunteered for Julien's Kindergarten class, so don't feel so bad. That is really funny about his nickname! I have a feeling my Jonah is going to be the same way (he's the most stubborn kid I know).

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  6. That IS AWESOME!! Viva la resistance! (or however a dane would say it...)

    Serio, that has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever heard anyone say about my dad's father's grandson's son! (or just about anyone else I'm related to).

  7. Mrs. Ruble is the BEST. I would almost consider moving back to Tehachapi just so my kids could have her as a preschool teacher. Lucky Luke!

  8. Wow. A 77-year old preschool teacher who still does jumping jacks with the kids. She's a keeper! (Btw, I've never known a German who isn't stubborn.)

    Sounds like Luke is a natural born leader (in addition to being an escape artist). I'm curious-- has he been listening to any of the songs on Muse's "The Resistance" album-- like "Uprising"??

  9. Sis. Ruble is awesome. Stubborness is good for some things, not so fun when you are the parent though. I have one of those stubborn ones too, but we are German, not Danish.

  10. So that's where my stubbornness comes from! I had no idea my Danish ancestry was the root.

    That picture is really cool.

    And I think it's sweet that Luke's teacher prepares work just for him.

  11. I've always toyed with the idea of writing a book detailing excuses that I've heard throughout my life. This post has inspired a title: "The Danish Resistance and Other Excuses for Bad Behavior." I am especially impressed with how you sneaked Hitler Youth into your narrative without offending that wonderful German (wink, wink) preschool teacher. I kind of felt like I was playing a Beatles song backwards.



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