Something I love and hate in the same picture.

I wasn't going to write about it, but I can't hold back any longer.

I hate tax season. I hate doing them, paying them, and most of all, people bragging about how much money they are getting back. I feel like punching something when I read Facebook status updates during tax season.

You see, we belong to that group of crazy Americans who try to take the correct amount of withholdings during each year. Our goal is to pay and receive nothing at tax time. In other words, we don't let the government borrow our money all year. We earn interest on it. I know, it's a weird concept for some.

However, this year, I did our taxes and we owe money to California. This is the first year we have ever owed money. I don't know if it is because of the State's fiscal crisis or lack of poor planning on our part. All I know is that I am mad. I wish I could put a filter on my computer that would block -

Comments about "huge" tax returns.
Bragging about the Earned Income Credit*, Renter's Credit, i.e., low income tax deductions.
Comments about what they are doing with those big tax returns.
Anything positive about taxes.

Boo, California.

*Don't even get me started on the EIC.


  1. Amen to that post. We also try to break even with withholdings. I want our money in our account during the year, not the government's! GO YOU for doing your own taxes. Sorry you had to pay some. That's happened to us a couple times and thank goodness we didn't have to pay a penalty or anything.

  2. I agree on the FB posts about tax refunds. One - I don't think you should share financial info like that on a social network site like that. Two - Who cares?!?

    Sorry you have to pay...we haven't done our taxes yet. Not anxious to either!

  3. I love when you talk taxes! And I ended up finding a picture of us wearing your beret; I'll have to post it this week.

  4. You'll look back on 2009 taxes as "the good old days." The congress is spending like drunken socialists right now and we are on the path to financial ruin not only for us, but future generations. Use your anger to warn others.

  5. We couldn't agree more. Seriously. At least in a few years we'll have free health care.

  6. Our tax return this year is HUGE!!

  7. You probably have to pay because of that retroactive tax CA residents have to pay because of the deficit. At least that's what I think I heard on the news...
    That cracks me up about bragging about huge refunds.
    1. Like you said, they are loaning the fed govt money, interest free
    they didn't make much money that year if they qualified for the EIN or similar tax credits.
    Neither are anything to brag about,in my opinion!

    Anyone who has concerns about what the govt is up to right now, vote this Nov! Get those bums out of there!

  8. Lots of people owe money this year to the state because they lowered the child deductions by like half. (Sorry, but I have been helping Peter do taxes all day.) We have a love/hate relationship with the IRS sometimes, but in the end we can only be grateful it is so frustrating for people because it keeps us in a job. On the death and taxes note, I took this long 500 questionnaire thing before I enrolled back in school and was so irritated when the the #1 fit for me (according to I don't know) was "Mortuary Director." Good grief. Peter and I did consider opening up side by side. We'd certainly have our bases covered!

  9. I am one of those crazy Americans that takes the maximum amount of withholdings possible. I did post a tax update on Facebook but it was just to announce that they are DONE and I did them all by myself this year. (My mom was a tax accountant and we used to just let her do them.) I agree that it is no one's business how much or how little people get back. I am GLAD not to be paying taxes to CA right now. Good Luck!

  10. "FREE" healthcare, yeah that will make me feel better! Pah! They'll just charge us an arm and a leg for taxes and give us crappy healthcare! Anyway, yeah, California is great this year! We don't owe anything, but or return is very small this year compared to years passed. We do try to do the same thing so the government doesn't get our money, but it hasn't worked out that well the past few years.

  11. What I hate about money is that everyone wants some of mine! drives me nuts! Please just let me have it! Believe me I won't be buying nice things with it!



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