It's still January, which means I can still make New Year's Resolutions. I am going to dramatically alter my television viewing habits. Not having cable has definitely made me more selective about what I watch.

TV Shows I Will Definitely Watch

The final season of Lost starts on Feburary 2nd. That is less than 3 weeks away. When I look at this Season 6 poster and it has a picture of almost every single cast member (dead and alive) who has even been on the show, I get giddy with excitement. Does this mean my life is pathetic?

Glee is my guilty pleasure. It's the one show my husband and I enjoy watching together. I don't care if the story lines always focused on someone leaving the Glee Club (oh no!) or the bad white rapping. Maybe I like it because Mr. Schuester has an uncomfortably close relationship with his students, reminiscent of my own high school drama teacher. Their version of "Endless Love" and the "Acafellas" are two of the funniest things I have ever seen. Plus, any show with a character like Sue Sylvester can not be bad.

When I was sick with the swine flu a few months ago, I sat in bed and watched Amazing Race episodes. Why did I not watch this show earlier? It combines everything I love: travel, adventure, relationship issues. I can't wait for the new season to start. Of course, I will never try to go on this show because I am afraid of water, heights and, of course, dogs.

TV Shows I Will Not Watch

Every year I say I'm not going to watch American Idol and then every year I get sucked into it. Then the next thing I know I've just wasted 2 hours of my life voting for some kid (60-40). I just don't want to do that any more. I would rather get sucked into shows about smoke monsters and clinically insane cheer coaches. You know, real life stuff.

So, I like Captain Hammer. Nathan Fillion is a really funny guy. I would like to watch Castle, but I am so irritated, I can't do it. Remember that guy I dated briefly in college who is now a D List celebrity? He got a part on Castle. Whoop-te-doo. Last year, I tried to add him as a friend on Facebook and he sent me to his "fan" page, you know, like he's famous. (We even have mutual friends!!) When I asked him why he did that, he said he didn't remember me. When I refreshed his memory about how I dumped him, he never wrote me back. The guy irritates me. He sent me to his fan page??????!!

Ahhh, "On the Wings of Love" (the song, not the show) has a special place in my heart. When I was a teenager I had a crush on a boy with bangs that "winged" out. My friends and I would sing, "On the Wings of Love" whenever we were talking about him. It almost seems sacrilegious to use that song for a season of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. So, yeah, it wasn't the gratuitous hot tub scenes or implied immortality that put this on my "Will Not Watch" list. Instead, it's the title... and the cheeseball bachelor. Although, I do wish him luck on his "journey."


  1. I can't believe you have no comments.. am I on the right post? Now this was a good read. I enjoyed it. And thank you for not watching the Bachelor, it's bad for your spirit.

  2. Since we have DVR, I no longer feel compelled to clear my schedule on any given night for tv. Woo Hoo! I only watch The Biggest Loser (cause I'm fat and need motivation) consistently. I need to DVR "Parks and Recreation". I really like that show. In my 'pre-kid' life, *I* was the Lesley Knopf of the City I worked for so the little inside jokes are things I have some perspective to laugh at.

    The fan page thing is funny. Nothing like having an excessive sense of self-importance. LOL!

  3. We love LOST too! can't wait!

  4. Of course your ex-d-list-celebrity boyfriend sent you to his fan page. Who wants to be friends with someone who dumped them via a hand-written note? You are so cruel Cristin.

    By the way, my cousins and our husbands have Bachelor parties. We love to watch the stupid show and laugh at all of the people. It is so cheesy and hilarious. I especially like the idea of how all the women at the beginning already know he is THE ONE for them and then are shocked when they don't get a rose. And then cry on camera. And then swear all the other women are wrong for him. And then walk away because they can't stop crying.

  5. What about the Office? Really? And Parks and Recreation?

    Oh, Cristin. Just when I thought I knew you.

  6. Hilarious post! "That guy" is such a loser...

  7. You're NOT missing anything on Bachelor. He has got to be the most shallow B ever, based on the bimbo-ness of the girls (yes, girls - none of them are 'women'). I say he deserves whoever he ends up with....any one of them will do, they are so alike and interchangeable. What a dissapointment. :~D



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