One Last Picture with Woody

2009 will be remembered as the year I visited Disneyland eight times.

So, what did I learn?

No matter how many times you consider purchasing a $5 apple, that price never seems normal. There are at least 6 different female and male actors who play "Casey" in the Playhouse Disney show. Some of the best things at Disneyland are things you can find at city parks (Redwood Challenge) or in your own backyard (sprinklers in the Bug's Life area). Parking passes are an excellent investment. Most Disney rides follow a very simple formula of cardboard cut-outs and a bumpy, yet un-intimidating, "car" ride. The tram really is faster than walking to the park entrance from the parking structure.

One Last Visit to the Handy Manny Show

I actually liked Disneyland more than I thought I would. Luke told me he wants to live there. So, why am I not renewing my pass for at least another 3 years?

It's this guy's fault -

One Last Balloon Hat at Naples Ristorante

There really is no reason to bring a baby to Disneyland. That is why their admission is free. Get the hint? If it was worthwhile to bring a child under the age of 3, you would have to pay something. I actually think Disneyland should offer a discount to anyone associated with a baby, this includes pregnant people and doting grandparents. There is a direct correlation between the number of babies in your Disneyland group and the amount of fun had during your visit. Babies are Disneyland fun suckers. They show no emotion when riding the coin operated rides in front of the grocery store, so what makes anyone think they will care about Pirates of the Caribbean? They poop while waiting in long lines and always fall asleep right when you need to take them out of their strollers.

One Last Cat Nap in a Stroller

Many will argue that Disneyland's Baby Centers do a lot for babies. Boo. Try harder! For those of us who can't afford a nanny stationed at the Grand Californian, I suggest drop-in babysitting at Downtown Disney. For $15 an hour, CPR/First Aid Certified babysitters could watch babies and let them nap. Parents could grab their babies for quick photo-ops and then return them quickly before they became too aggravating. It would be expensive, but everything at Disneyland is expensive, and, really, can you put a price on fun?

I should get paid for these good ideas!


  1. that's why I show up with baby...then take lots of pictures and then say "sheesh! baby is exhausted...look at that...I think I'll head back to the hotel/pool ;) and let her take a nap! (it's 11:30am and I'm already calling it quits - the best laid plans...)

  2. Looks like you got your money's worth this year. Good for you for going as many times as you did!!

  3. That cracks me up that Charlie is the reason you wont be renewing your passes! Ryan is about the same age and he loves it! Yes, waiting in lines with him is hard, but he gets so excited on the rides...surprisingly, he loves Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. I love Disneyland, but I think watching him there, makes me love it even more! Glad you got some good use out of your passes!

  4. We did exactly what you are planning. Our first year passes were when our youngest was 1. We got passes again 3 years later and it was perfect.

  5. Eight times in one year-- wow, I am genuinely impressed!

  6. Yes, great ideas, all! We skipped our yearly Disneyland trip in 2009 but have plans to hit it again this year.

    Love the bit about kiddos pooping while waiting in long lines. That would be our 2 yr old, as yet unpotty trained. Gah!



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